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visual arts exhibition of 23 Cultura Inglesa Festival launches look at the relationship between tradition and contemporary

The projects were chosen through a notice and will be displayed at the British Brazilian Center 25 of May to 16 of June

A English Culture Festival supports annually, through its Notice, Brazilian theater projects, dance, visual arts and short films inspired in British culture. In 2019, visual arts productions will occupy the three galleries Brazilian British Centre from 25 of May to 16 of June, with free entry. Between art installations, ceramics and interactive works, the three exhibitions selected investigate change processes and explore the relationship between legacy of the past and the contemporary.

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The exhibition Everything is Covert depicts the artist's research David Magila, whose main focus launch a closer look at the landscapes of everyday life and inhospitable places that carry a "start architecture", processed by the time, and the possible desire to connect a portion of the legacy of the tuned memory with the present. When reconfiguring and reflect the discussions about identity politics in contemporary, shows that comprises 13 works in painting formats, video, design and installation, captures the fragility of human life and the profound beauty in the everyday.

Among the places explored, David portrays the London Park Parkland Walk through a series of drawings that the artist produced during his visits to the site. “In fact, the site was an old train road that has been disabled and is now a park with green corridor. As winter was, It was a little place frequented by people, and so I saw the beauty in that place. I started taking pictures, making drawings and collect material pure interest, unassuming."

Besides the park, the artist developed an installation that depicts the East Beach, a piece of the North Coast being swallowed by the sea already submerged houses. The artist collected elements of the place as debris / ruins to portray him. The result is an installation consisting of a video of your search, sculptures made from this material and some silicone molds.

In the production "Tiger, Tiger”, the artist James Master It presents an exhibition that relates to the ceramics tradition, in English culture, since the emergence of the idea of “studio pottery”, in the early XX century, to its most recent developments. On a more free circulation of exploratory and production of ceramics and inserted within the contemporary art, the exhibition seeks to find a place for negotiation between this historical legacy, with their problems, and new possibilities discursive.

In Notes of a Dream, the cartoonist Caco Gallardo presents an exhibition inspired by the classic comedy "A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (A Midsummer Night's Dream), by William Shakespeare. The exhibition brings together the artist's passions: o humor, comedy, theater and design. In the remake Shakespeare's text, the artist paints pictures described by the playwright, as well as uses sentences of the dialogues of his work, exploring this mix of content. “Dream of a summer night is known as the best Shakespearean comedy, and my work has a lot of humor. It was almost natural together and compose a work that would bring together all these worlds"Says Kermit.

Among the works, the audience finds paintings on paper and acrylic and a panel that the artist will paint directly on the wall of the Brazilian British Center Gallery. There will also be an interactive space (that even remember Yoko Ono's work), with a bench with papers on which people can write down their summer dreams. These notes will be placed on a panel to make these dreams.

To Fabio Cypriano, one of the visual arts curators notice, "The English Culture Festival is one of the few permanent programs to support artistic production not only in the city, as country. Its importance grows now with decreasing support from public agencies. In visual arts, he awarded artists like Odires Mlászho, in 2008, that two years later would be in the Bienal de São Paulo and then representing Brazil, in Venice. Other highlights can name Henrique Oliveira and (Eduardo) Srur, both with presence in the national and international circuit ". The select group of art curators category still meets Claudia Marchetti, visual artist; Julio Landmann, former president of the International Biennial of São Paulo; Marcelo Araújo, museólogo, former director of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and current director and curator of the Japan House, and Martin Grossman, professor of ECA-USP and former deputy director of the MAC (Museum of contemporary art).

A full schedule of 23 Cultura Inglesa Festival is available at www.culturainglesasp.com.br/festival.


Date: From 25 of May to 16 of June
Local: Brazilian British Centre – Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741 – Pine trees, São Paulo - SP
Time: Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10h to 16h
Age rating: Free
Parking on site tariffed
Free Entry



Everything is hidden

Exposure comprises 13 works in painting formats, video, design and installation.
artist director: David Magila

Tiger, Tiger

Works of pottery and clay.
artist director: James Master

Notes of a Dream

The display consists of a large panel painted directly on the wall, ten paintings on paper with Part phrases and an interactive space which will consist of a mosaic of dreams notes the visiting public.

artist director: Caco Gallardo


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About Cultura Inglesa Festival

The English Culture Festival is an annual art festival, culture and entertainment that promotes Brazilian artistic production, and promotes British culture, featuring artists from the UK and Brazil. The program includes 11 new works commissioned by English Culture, music shows, cinema, International shows, exhibitions, theater, dance, children's programming and more. Since 1996, the festival takes the city of São Paulo with a multidisciplinary programming and completely free.

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