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Abreu Fabiano receives Portuguese politician in 'Philosophical Table' and talks about the excessive use of social networks

On the Philosophical Table 'program this week, the available streaming the Novum Channel page, the philosopher Abreu Fabiano invited the lawyer, Councilman and former Mayor of Castelo de Paiva in Portugal, Paulo Teixeira Ramalheira, for a chat about the excessive use of social networks.

Paulo Teixeira sees as positive the advent of social networks and telecommunications, but believes the problem is the excessive use of technological tools and the internet: "When I see a person 80 years who refused to move a calculating machine and over the internet is no longer isolated from the world, watch the news, read the papers, I think positive. Unfortunately nowadays we tend to overdo the use of the internet. There is all kinds of information on the Internet, we can not popularize and say that the internet is the evil of all ".

Fabiano also drew attention to one of his theories, which raises the hypothesis that we are becoming less intelligent by excessive use of the Internet: “The information comes as' chewed’ the brain adapts to not having to remember, having to store, thus having an external search system. My hypothesis is that we will be less intelligent in the future, or maybe just have a different kind of intelligence we can not yet understand. Google chews information and our brain understands this practicality, It may soon be that our intelligence will be different from the current, shared with the machines. Today you have the calendar that reminds you of things. You no longer have to remember anything, as if his brain was fully connected to the social network. But if it falls, you also erases ".

Paulo Teixeira said that this theory can indeed be correct and that new generations may have an even larger degree of dependence on the internet: "The new generations to come should no longer read paper books, or newspapers. Nowadays families do not live, not interact, They spend more time in the virtual. The concept of life before social networking was another before, today there is an excess and people end up actually more dependent on the internet. Whenever I want to see something more carefully I refer to my books, in my library. Not always what the internet tells us is true. But sometimes Mr.. Google misses ".

Paulo Teixeira became internationally known as the Mayor of Castelo de Paiva, city ​​where there was the greatest tragedies in the history of Portugal to drop a bridge that killed more than 59 dead people.


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