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Artist: Luisa Publisher. Title: "Untitled". Date: 2019. Technique: Acrylic on canvas. Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Fair ART / Formatto announces its Sixth Edition

Made by artists, the event's objective is to give visibility to their work and their trajectories, promoting interaction with the public, curators, collectors and cultural institutions, without intermediaries

A ART / FORMATTO reaches its 6th edition, now as an Artists Fair, directed by Gisele Rossi and faces Pedrosa and the proposal to provide the production of inserted Brazilian artists in the contemporary art scene. In addition to the shows and the activities of the fair, a complementary program was created to offer guided tours, performances, talks, classrooms, among other activities, all with standard I format to see and experience art.

Through an extensive and elaborate curatorial work, carefully select the names that stand out in the country's cultural market and give visibility to their works in an annual fair”, commented the directors of ART / FORMATTO. With an innovative format, the fair is an event artists, in order to give visibility to their work and their trajectories, promoting dialogue with the public, curators, collectors and cultural institutions, without intermediaries.

Among the works exhibited, Erica Ferrari presents his work based on the architecture of cities, the historic buildings and monuments as symbolic objects that represent much more than what is shown. Your site survey takes into account the memory and the relationship we have with the past and seeks to bring to the present the historical narrative on which we form our societies. Peter France displays your project, since 2012, makes videos and installations, most connected with the theatrical practices, daily taking the chaotic reality and migrating these issues to their work.

manoela Medeiros, on the other hand, They question his perception of the space and uses the excavation as a process for the construction work. This work building process, while that deconstructs an object - a wall, for example - seeks to reveal other layers present, other layers of stories, sometimes, They are hidden and need to discover them and problematize them. According to the art critic and curator Marisa Floral Cesar, Anna Paola It shows in his work the art of constructive heritage, “the photographer introduces abstraction and accuracy of the geometry, sensitive elements that come to disturb the rigidity of the structures and the will of order and universality of building tradition”.

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In the words of Gisele Rossi and faces Pedrosa: “For us, Art is beyond concepts and trends. Art is reflection and its ability to impact what's around you. Our purpose is to connect artists, dialogue with the contemporary scene and provoke thought”.

Event: 6ª Fair Edition ART / Formatto
Artists: Adriana Ferrer, Alberto Simon, Aline Sankovsky, Ana Lucia Mariz, Andrea Brown, Anna Paola Protasio, Beatriz Monteiro, Bruno Miguel, Bruno Novaes, Carol Costa + Bella, Clara Veiga, Edmilson Nunes, Edith Derdyk, Erica Ferrari, Fabiano Al Makul, Fatima Neves, Fernando Limberger, Franklin Cassaro, Isis Gasparini, Jean Araujo, João Magalhães, Laura Gorski, Luisa Publisher, Luciana Kater, Madu Almeida, manoela Medeiros, Marcos Cardoso, Mariene tribe, Marina CAVERZAN, Mercedes Lachmann, Misa Funai, Peter France, Renato Leal, Roberta Tassinari, Romain Dumesnill, Sonia Dias, Tchelo, Thainam Castro, Rocchioli Valeria and Valeria Costa Pinta
Direction: Gisele Rossi e Cheeks Pedrosa
Opening: 2 October 2019, on wednesday, from 16 at 10:00 pm
Period: 3 to 9 October 2019, from 11 at 8:0 pm
Address: street Colombia, 157 – Jardim Paulista – São Paulo/SP
visitation free


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Supplementary schedule – Art / Formatto:

02 October - Wednesday
Opening Art / Formatto – of 16hs to 22hs

18pm Guided tour with the critic and curator Julia Lima
19Performance artists of hs Bella + Carol Costa | META _HIGH _FI
"Meta_High_Fi une as, light, projection and reflective material. It is a performance that combines visual and audio elements from the environment itself, and returned to it repeatedly, meta-creating and generating new spatial perceptions. Meta (of Greek origin, it means beyond) invention refers to an atmosphere that is beyond herself, involving the viewer in synesthetic invention realities ad infinitum. "

03 October - Thursday
19hs Formatto Talk – researcher and curator Camila Bechelany and artist Laura Belém

Theme: "Where art happens? Processes and studio of dialogues to the exhibition "

04 October - Friday
15hs Formatto Talk – Julia Lima (critic and curator) and invited Camila Horta (MAM Core director), Cristina Cataldi, (Artidot – study centers of contemporary) e artista Mercedes Lachmann.

Theme: "Gender Scraps and the systematic exclusion of women in the art system."

05 October - Saturday
12hs Formatto Talk – Ypsilone group Thierry Chemalle

Theme: "Art, Company and Philosophy, emphasizing the importance of the figure of the artist in a disenchanted society. "

05 and 06 October - Saturday and Sunday
Inspire yourself project – from 12:00 to 18:00

Inspire you : non-profit organization focusing on culture and education. Art as a means of social transformation. limited registration – www.inspirar-te.com

08 October – Tuesday
15hs Formatto Talk – Ypsilone group Kayta Hochleitner

Title: "Arte no Brasil: History and Market "will present a parallel between the historical development of art in Brazil, with its main movements, and the evolution of the Brazilian system and art market, with the agents who work there.

09 October - Wednesday – Finissage
15hs Formatto Talk – Danilo Oliveira and guest artists: Edith Derdyk and Renato Leal

Theme: "Art for? What is the function of art today "

GISELE RED (São Paulo, 1964)

It is a lawyer (University of São Paulo), having practiced the profession for ten years. After this period, decided to take other paths, creating a lingerie brand (Miss Victtoria), that was in the market for 22 years. Although always exercise an intense professional activity, extreme interest by artistic paths always led the study and research on contemporary art for a long period in your life. There were many years of courses on contemporary art with professors and prominent curators, as Agnaldo Farias, Danilo Oliveira, Rodrigo Andrade, Rafael Maia Rosa, Julia Lima, among other, in addition to the continuous visits to fairs and biennials, to follow the path of the arts in the world.

faces Pedrosa (São Paulo, 1958)

It is curator and consultant contemporary art for more than 30 years, creating bridges between independent artists and market. Graduated in Arts (Mackenzie) and Interior Design (School Pan American), always sought a different way of working with this market. Built throughout its history a powerful network of partners artists: Ivald Granato, Luiz Paulo Baravelli, Franklin Cassaro, Erica Ferrari and Manoela Medeiros are some who have done or are part of this route. He worked as a curator for art sites Room 8 and ArtScoop and also held partner in SP-Arte and SP-Photo. Held the mining exhibition (2012), trajectories (2013), Photo / I format 1(2014) Photo and / I format 2 (2015), all of them departed from the desire to give visibility to artists without representation in Sao Paulo. All this resulted in the trajectory Art / Formatto,


Company set up four years ago by Gisele Rossi Pedrosa Lica. Together, They are also ahead of Art / Gallery Formatto, contemporary art space located in Sao Paulo, which is an offshoot of the Fair Art / Formatto. Born as a project of artistic exhibitions to create visibility for independent artists, a new experience, without the participation of galleries, connecting public and artists directly, and bringing to light the great works of contemporary Brazilian art. A new idea, a new fair format, a new proposal within the arts market.

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