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Aline Pascholati. Photo: Disclosure.
Aline Pascholati. Photo: Disclosure.

Historian launches online course - free! – of Art History

Art historian Aline Pascholati has just released a free online short course in Art History, in partnership with the Biography of Art website.

Aline Pascholati is a visual artist and art historian certified by the Sorbonne (Paris, France) and has been working for over ten years to bring quality content about art to the Brazilian public. According to her, the way that art history is seen in Brazil is too complicated and inaccessible to most people. Thus, after writing for print and digital publications since 2011, decided to create his own website on art and culture, the Artrianon, in 2016, and, the following year, o canal do YouTube Art Insider by Aline Pascholati, in order to democratize art in the country.

The online mini course being launched in partnership with the website Art biography, brings fourteen short and uncomplicated videos about the most important periods in Art History - from Prehistory to Contemporary Art -, so that anyone, regardless of their age or background, can learn the basics on the topic.

The available content is recorded, so that the student can watch it at the place and at the time they prefer, and repeat it, if you wish. To participate in the course and access the videos for free, just sign up at the link below:


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