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Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro offers four unpublished performances by renowned Italian theater director Pippo Delbono for free

Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro offers four unpublished shows by renowned Italian theater director Pippo Delbono in six different languages. Unprecedented in the history of theater, the unique initiative involved more than ten cultural institutions In the whole world.

The next show to be made available will be Orchidee (orchids), on Saturday, 20. All programming is available with Spanish subtitles, Portuguese, French, English, Polish and Italian.

The shows will be available in streaming on the Vimeo platform through the IIC website and social networks

Orchidee (orchids) – 20 of June vimeo.com/408064853

Gospel (Gospel) – 27 of June


At the beginning of June, the Italian Cultural Institute in Rio de Janeiro inaugurated the cycle “Streaming Italian theater”With the presentation of four performances by the director Goofy Delbono, an artist appreciated and recognized worldwide for creating shows characterized by an intense work of aesthetic research and for bringing to the scene characters with an extraordinary corporeality, capable of instilling a unique sense of humanity and solidarity. Delbono is used in theater to show life experiences.

Two great shows have already been made available. The next ones are Orchidee (orchids), on Saturday, 20, and Vangelo (Gospel), on 27.

The international project, of which Italian Institute of Rio de Janeiro is the only partner in Brazil, brings together about ten cultural institutions worldwide and aims at the internationalization of Italian theater, promoting, at the same time, the diffusion of the language, of Italian literature and culture as a whole.

There are four shows in all, over the past ten years, that tell the theater and also the personal story of this extremely famous and restless theater director, able to thrill and win over Italian and international audiences: This fierce darkness from 2006 (This fierce darkness), After the battle from 2011 (After the battle), Orchidee from 2013 (orchids) and Gospel from 2016 (Gospel). They all had a long touring path around the world, with theaters always crowded. From Saturday, 06 of June, the public will be able to watch from their homes in full version. Videos are not simple filming, are film versions, recorded with three cameras at the same time, of the shows born by the scene.

“Streaming theater” is an achievement of the Italian institution ERT-Emilia-Romagna Theater with the collaboration and support of Italian Institutes of Culture in Rio de Janeiro, from Paris, from Buenos Aires, from Santiago of Chile, from Lisbon and from Warsaw, SITF – Sibiu International Theater Festival, of the Malta Poznan Festival, of the Colosseum Theater in Buenos Aires and Teatro a Mil de Santiago Foundation. In collaboration with the Instituto de Cultura Italiano de Lisboa, IIC Rio contributed to the translation of subtitles into Portuguese.

Pippo Delbono is one of the most appreciated and represented artists in Italy and abroad. In Brazil, he presented the show “From manure is born a flower” at the Porto Alegre Festival on stage - 2000, at Bruno Kiefer Theater. The shows that will be presented in this cycle represent an exciting and moving path through the ten years of its theater history and the history of humanity.

"On them, the word becomes poetry, scream, whisper, indignation, beauty search outside any gender category, inquiry around pain and, anyway, look of hope. The shows of this completely unconformed director create strong and overwhelming images, thanks to the use of actors marked by physical or behavioral diversity that make them icons with needs, designed in a universal research of humanity, consideration of minorities and exclusion ”.

(Massimo Marino of the Italian newspaper The Corriere dela Sera).

The shows:

Available with Spanish subtitles, Portuguese, French, English, Polish and Italian.

Orchidee (orchids): 20 of June, Saturday: vimeo.com/408064853

Com Dolly Albertin, Gianluca Ballarè, Goofy Delbono, Ilaria Distante, Simone Goggiano, Mario Intruglio, Nelson Lariccia, Julia Morawietz, Gianni Parenti, Pepe Robledo, Grazia Spinella. Produção Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation, Rome theater, New scene- Arena del Sole- Stable Theater of Bologna, Rond Point Theater- Paris, House of Culture of Amiens- Creation and Production Center.

Premiere: 31 May 2013 Municipal Theater Luciano Pavarotti – Modena

Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes

"I can still write about love", wrote the poet Dario Bellezza, a great friend of Pier Paolo Pasolini who died of AIDS. The orchid is the most beautiful flower, but also the worst, said my mother, because you cannot recognize what is true from what is false. Like our time. Em “Orchidee”, as in all my shows, there is an attempt to stop the time I am going through. My time, from my theatrical company, of the people who have worked with me for many years, but also of a time that we are all spending and experiencing today. Italians, Europeans, western, citizens of the world. A confused time when I feel, we feel in many, I think, lost … or with the feeling of having missed something. Forever. Maybe political faith, revolutionairy, human and spiritual.

“Orchidee” is born out of a great void that my mother left me when she died. My mother, that after conflicts, of separations, found again. My God and my Glory, a little older, a little wiser, she a little more child. And so the emptiness. The feeling of no one else's child. The emptiness of love. But “Orchidee” is also born out of many voids, many abandonments. The emptiness we live in culture, in being lost artists. The theater itself that I often feel is a place that has become very dusty, false, dead. The lie accepted, theatrical performance.

“Orchidee” also speaks of the vital need to fill that void. “Orchidee” represents for me this vital and irrepressible need to continue, after all, writing, talking about love.

Goofy Delbono

Gospel (Gospel): Saturday, 27 of June: vimeo.com/408083747

Com Gianluca Ballarè, Bobò, Margherita Clemente, Goofy Delbono, Ilaria Distante, Simone Goggiano, Mario Intruglio, Nelson Lariccia, Gianni Parenti, Alma Prica, Pepe Robledo, Grazia Spinella, Nina Violić, Safi Zakria, Mirta Zečević, and with the participation of refugees from the reception center PIAM di Asti. Produção Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation, Croatian National Theatre- Zagabria co-production Théâtre Vidy- Lausanne, House of Culture of Amiens – Creation and Production Center, Liège Theater.

Premiere: 12 January 2016 Theater vidy – Lausanne

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

"Thinking well, Christ is the only anarchist who has succeeded ”, André Malraux wrote. A few days before he died, my mother, practicing catholic, told me: "Why, Foo, don't do a show about the Gospel? Thus, you spread a message of love. There is so much need today ”. I immediately thought about the theater performances I did, when I was a child, in the parish. It also occurred to me when I played the character of God in a Peter Greenaway film. A character in this film said: “It was not God who created man, but it was man who created God ”. And I thought of all the achievements, the massacres, the wars, the lies, the false ethics created by this hypothesis of God. But I also thought about beauty, in art and poetry that this idea of ​​God has brought us in these two thousand years. I thought about what Marx said: "Religion is a sigh of the soul in a world without a soul". Thus, I started filming and photographing the images I found on my travels in Italy, for France, through Romania, Russia and Latin America. Images of the Virgin, of Christ, of the martyrs. Everywhere, I found something related to this story. Everywhere, I saw images of Christ with painful and serious faces. I saw very little joy in the faces of those Christs. I felt a deep rejection for all that dark iconography, heavy and suffered, linked to this gospel.

And then I got lost, as I always do when I perform my shows, forgetting the Gospel, or maybe taking with me just the name of this Gospel. I ended up meeting people who came to the sea from Africa and the Middle East, crossing oceans, but also deserts, borders, prisons, walls. I also met gypsies, who lived in places of total degradation. And I started to be with these refugees, knowing them, sharing life with them. We share the stories, to food, the time.

And in the end I got those images, those voices, these sounds, these echoes, those silences heard in those gypsy and refugee camps, in those hospital wards, but also that vital force, that inexplicable joy found in places. deputies to pain.

Goofy Delbono

Goofy Delbono

Author, actor, Theatre Director, Pippo Delbono was born in Varazze in the Liguria region, Italy, in 1959. In the 80, begins his studies of dramatic art in a traditional school, that he leaves after meeting Pepe Robledo, Argentine actor of the Free Theater (an active theater company in South America in the 1970, who used collective creation as a means of expression and denunciation of the dictatorship in Argentina). The two move to Denmark, joining the Farfa group, directed by Iben Nagel Rasmussen, historical actress of Odin Teatret. Starts in this period, for Goofy Delbono, an alternative path in search of a new theatrical language. Delbono se dedica ao estudo dos princípios do teatro oriental – que aprofunda em suas estadias subsequentes na Índia, China, Bali – pelos quais o foco é um trabalho meticuloso e rigoroso do ator sobre o corpo e a voz. In 1987, meets Pina Bausch, that invites you to participate in the Wuppertaler Tanztheater, an extraordinary occasion that marks a fundamental stage in the artistic career of the director.

Pippo Delbono's performances are not transpositions in the scene of theatrical texts, but total creations. A distinctive feature is the participation of people from marginalized social situations, able to create in the artist's performances a unique scenic experience. There are many shows performed over a twenty-year career. Among them: Bourbons (Homeless), The time of the killers (The time of the murderers), Anger (Anger), War (War), Exodus (Exodus), Plastic people (Plastic people), Scream (Scream), The silence (The silence), Tales of June (June Tales), This fierce darkness (This fierce darkness), The lie (A lie), After the battle (After the battle), Orchidee (orchids), Gospel (Gospel) and La Gioa (The Jewel).

ERT-Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation

Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione was recognized in 2015 as one of the “Italian national theaters” by the Ministry of Culture's drama advisory committee (MIBACT) from Italy and has been 1977 as the theater sector of ATER- Theater Association Emilia Romagna. In 1991, ERT became an autonomous body in the Emilia Romagna Region and the Municipality of Modena. In April 2001, after the expansion by joining new members, became a Foundation with a new status. Today ERT is responsible for the artistic and administrative management of seven theaters in the cities of Bologna, Modena, Cesena, Vignola and Castelfranco. Since 2017, seu diretor artístico é o diretor de teatro e professor universitário Claudio Longhi.

Streaming Italian theater
Video teaser: vimeo.com/423880467/d6cbf06c08
Orchidee (orchids) – vimeo.com/408064853 20 of June
Gospel (Gospel) – vimeo.com/408083747 27 of June
Date: 6 of June (Saturday)
Time: 11 hours
Já disponibilizados:
This fierce darkness (This fierce darkness) – vimeo.com/407985900 – 06 of June
After the battle (After the battle) vimeo.com/408035067 – 13 of June


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