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KADE | Light in the night | GALLERY ZERO

Celebrating the opening of the agenda 2020, luminescent paint is exposed post residency in HUNTING

The Zero Gallery displays "LIGHT in the night”, visual artist US KADE, curated by Francisco Rosa. Individual comprises 50 paintings, presenting the result of three months of the artist in residence Hunting Cultural Center Zero in Vila Madalena. "Geometry, Organicities, pace, juxtaposition, overlap, the light color and light color with various shades and hues, in the same field that suggest compositional, metaphorically, an existential dialectic…”, says curator.

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Inserting KADE the global art circuit is recent. Due to an accident that kept him at rest for a long period a few years ago, the artist had the opportunity to watch the details of the world around him and his eyes focussed on actor Heath Ledgers tattoos when watching a documentary about him that served as first inspiration for the beginning of his creative path. Once recovered, He met an artist of the Republic of Latvia – vitaliy Yermolayev -, with which he took a course, in 2019, it was his first contact with invisible paint and lighting techniques (invisible paint and illuminating techniques). In a recent visit to the Van Gogh Museum, the artist felt impacted both by works as the artist's life story; "His self-portraits were of great influence because they are very different and you see yourself differently in their own way", defines the artist. "Or that reveals no dark, or that sail in the light of each? In this sailing game / revealed, It would be your job a Abstract Expressionism, or expressive abstractionism?”, asks Francisco Rosa. Armed with the new information and influences, knowledge of new techniques, The following consequences are obvious: exhibitions in Latvia Republic, New York, where lives since 2012, and now his first individual exhibition in São Paulo.

With distinctive creation method, the technique of "invisible paint"Challenges the artist's creative work. Composed by, at least, two different times, the work has two different results depending on the lighting which is exposed. In white light, normal, the perception is restricted to only a drawing or painting on canvas: paintings or drawings, concrete or abstract, colored or black / white. All linked to predetermined series by KADE. In a second step, the work is subjected to interference of the artist with invisible ink which creates a totally unique work, now complete, under the same support. The new pictorial form, hair thought to final painting artist, only becomes visible when subjected to the black light. In the words of KADE, "Well being transparent, when I am painting, It is very difficult to plan in advance. I have an idea of ​​how to get, but, at the end, the result is totally unexpected and, largely, nothing connected to the idea I had in the beginning ".

"For me, paintings are like people. We judge them at first sight as soon as we see for the first time. But we have no idea who is or who have had experiences in life….. When the lighting changes on the screen do you see the complete painting that was not visible before. And, as with people, you must know them first before prejudges them. Watch them as many daylight as night ", define KADE.

Celebrating the completion of the first residence in Artistic Hunting Cultural Center Zero, with KADE, Pedro Paulo Afonso and Tainara expand the event and, then the vernissage in the Gallery Zero, the party continues with music and drinks in Hunting Zero (Alfonso Street Gonzalo S / N - Alley Batman)

Exhibition: “LIGHT in the night
Artists: KADE
Curated By: Francisco Rosa
Coordination: Pedro Paulo Afonso and Tainara
Opening: 11 January 2020 - Saturday - 19hs
Period: from 14 from January to 8 February 2020
Local: Zero Gallery
Address: street Sympathy, 23 - Vila Madalena – São Paulo/SP
Timetables: Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 at 8:0 pm
Number of works: 50
Technique: acrylic, oil, luminescent painting, spray s/ canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm and 120 x 90 cm
Values: of R$ 1.000,00 the R $ 10.000,00


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I'm 2.01m tall, I am from a small town in the state of Utah (USA) and possess a passion for travel. I lived in New York in the last of 2012 to 2018 and I recognize that I made progress and had great achievements in this period, while I went through moments of deep depression from a young age. The year of 2018 It included a lot of inner search, a swim seriously in my soul and, September completed 30 years, an important milestone. To celebrate, I fell down a challenge to go through 30 different countries 30 days, with end date on my birthday. Meta conquered and a new moment of life. I was in Latvia and, art from, I am writing a new history of life. The trip was recorded in a blog and invite everyone to accompany me – #yoloip (you only live once in the presente - you only live once in this)

Zero Gallery

The Zero Gallery It comes up with the purpose of consolidating in the São Paulo cultural circuit as a place where art is seen and felt as something that is part of everyday life of people, mainly because not live in an isolated environment of white walls, but in a city where different colors and nuances predominate in tandem with the works of art. Pedro Paulo Afonso, economist, It operates in the financial market in the investment field for over 10 years, working for big institutions like Santander Asset Management, Nest Investments, Fidúcia Asset Management e Mirae Asset Wealth Management CCTVM. Art collector some years ago, He found a way to support both new and established artists creating a space for the promotion and development of contemporary art, thus being able to devote to his hobby and professionalized it. One of the main goals of Zero Gallery It is to bring national artists, represented by it, to various locations of the city and the world, thus being able to expose and promote a wide range of Brazilians living artists.


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