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Launch of Esther Moreira's art book in Copacabana

A posthumous tribute to the legacy of visual artist Esther Moreira from Rio de Janeiro. This is the objective of art book “Inner Landscapes”, organized by the artist's brother, Nelson Junior, which will be released on the 1st of April, Saturday, at the Revigorante Café, in Copacabana, from 5 pm.

Esther Moreira (1958-2015) built his artistic career in London (England), where he migrated in the early 1990s. 1990 in order to improve studies.


The power of his work was praised by the prestigious British newspaper The Independent, who compared his paintings to the universe of Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez: "If Gabriel García Márquez was a painter, he probably would paint these haunting (tormenting) spiritual metamorphosis pictures, these Amazonian green and golden exact desert ", published.

The artist said that she sought her inspiration in “the caves of the soul where primitive figures and animals still have their home, where ancient and forgotten rituals continue to be perpetrated – internal landscapes that have contact rule only by dreams, compulsions, obsessions and fantasies ".


Art Criticism and Ph.d.. in History, Zuzana Paternostro explains that Esther Moreira's works “present vibrant and contrasting colors that radiate in compositions with shadows and menacing elements.. These, that may be arising from this inner world often unknown, or perhaps fears concerning their reality and finitude of experience ".

Having completed a degree in Arts from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, soon after, with a scholarship, Esther studied a master's degree in Visual Arts/Painting at the prestigious Royal College of Art (RCA), both in London.

Following, participated in the exhibition “Figuring Cezanne” at the Tate Gallery/Lethaby Galleries (1996), and after the Royal College of Art Degree Show (1999), based in the English capital.


by force of fate, Esther Martins Moreira had to return to Brazil in 2000, in order to dedicate himself to parents who were then quite sick. He had a solo show at the Candido Mendes Cultural Center (in 2001), and later integrated, still alive, his last group exhibition, Candido Mendes in Cultural Center (in 2006).

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The artist was honored with the solo exhibition “Memory”, at the Cultural Center of Correios/RJ, in 2019; and then, one of his works was part of the collective exhibition “Acervo Centro Cultural Correios 26 years ".

His works complete collections such as those of the Royal College of Art, do TI Group (no UK), and the Museum of Art of Rio (MAR), among other cultural institutions.

launch of book “Esther Moreira – Interior Landscapes”
Local: invigorating coffee, in Copacabana
Date: 1April th, Saturday, the 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Address: Republic of Peru street, 444 Home (entrance by R. Conrado Niemeyer)
Phone: (21) 2317- 1289
* Disclosure: Nelson Junior – (21) 99315-5295.

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