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Works auction embuenses artists will take place on 31/8. Disclosure.

Works auction embuenses artists will take place on 31/8

As an incentive to Embu das Artes artists, will be held the “Artworks Auction” on 31/8 (Saturday), from 10pm, at the Cultural Center of Assisi Master Embu (Largo 21 April, 29, Center).

Will be auctioned off 115 works of 63 artistas da cidade e o evento ocorrerá de modo presencial e on-line, accessing the www.sumareleiloes.com.br/leiloes/2630 e clicando na opção “Hall dispute”.

But to participate in “Hall dispute”, the bidder must make a quick registration, for free, with the filling of personal data and sending documents. Approval of registration takes place within one business day. Then, he shall be eligible to participate (habilitação significa que o participante está ciente das condições de venda). After these steps, the winning bidder will have access to dispute Room. this site, stakeholders are also the virtual catalog, conditions of sale, tender documents and the auction.

The art pieces will be on display to the public 24 to 30 August, from 9 am to 16:30, no C. C. Master of Assisi Embu. O público-alvo são, generally, art collectors and gallery owners. The realization of the project is the sumaré Auctions, which has the cultural support of the Municipal Department of Culture.

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