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Luiz Mota exhibits at Campinense Academy of Letters

Exhibition: The scope of what I see

Opening: Day 03 December at 18.00 - Campinense Academy of Letters – Campinas, SP

Luiz Mota, is the artist's representation of facial expressions. Your jobs, generally large format, reproduce all human emotions using various materials and techniques of drawing and painting as graffiti, Nanquim, Airbrush, charcoal, pastel, oil and watercolor.

For this show, curated by Angela Caruso, portraits were selected produced in recent years and highlighting the eyes of the design and its expressions at different stages of human life.

Boy the old, the artist portrays an inquisitive and penetrating gaze full of intensity. The look is personal and not transferable share, responsible for view, observe, register and simultaneously, as the soul of windows, express feelings, desires and emotions.

In a hyper-realistic aesthetics, works position us in a simulacrum of real – intensified as, color, size - and the imaginary, resulting conclusions individual registered in the unconscious, and invite reflection on what is shown and what is not apparent in social life.

About the artist:

Luiz Mota is a psychologist and self-taught in art. Since 2015 It has been presented in group and solo exhibitions, receiving international recognition, with awards in the various halls of art that has participated in Brazil and abroad, among them highlighting the most relevant as a Special Mention in the "Rotterdam International Art Fair" in Holland; Bronze at the International Exhibition of the National Fine Arts Academy; Special Mention in the International Index Doha, no Qatar; Ouro na “Art Meeting in Madrid”, Spain; Master in the hall "This wonderful women", Lime; Gold in portrait category in the "Art Meeting in Rome", Italy. And the latest, the title of "Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts" by FEBACLA-SP.

Exhibition: The scope of what I see – Luiz Mota
Curated By: Angela Caruso
Vernissage: Day 03 December at 18:00
Exhibition: from 03 to 31 December.
Local: Campinense Academy of Letters
Street: Marechal Deodoro, 525 - Center, Campinas, sp
Contact: (35) 991474116


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