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Shows Home Build 2016, Bathroom master suite. Photo: Henry Queiroga.

More to enjoy… works to decorate

Besides expression of feelings and a good investment, the art can also be a decoration of environments. In order to portray the personality of the resident, works of art give more charm and even certain attitude to spaces…

Fierce and passionate collector, the artist Glauco Matthews defends the use of artistic pieces in decoration. He believes that the joint work of a curator/artist to an interior designer/architect is valid for the conquest of harmonic and beautiful environments. "Besides helping to choose the best pieces for investing, the curator has an aesthetic vision which will contribute to the promotion of works in a space and on harmonisation of such with the furniture chosen by the interior design. The best placement, adequate lighting and maintenance of parts are valuable tips that we can share ", explains the artist.

Other guidance for anyone who wants to modify the spaces giving a touch of art, Glauco Moraes believes that smaller pieces, as small sculptures, can be placed on a coffee table or in a prominent place on the Bookshelf. Ever larger parts, as the sculptures, can compose a hall, the living room or the area of a swimming pool. "Already the frames, can compose the walls in different ways. The cool thing is playing with colors and sizes of screens ", suggests the curator.

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Decor inspiration
The miners who want to inspire on how to introduce pieces of art in the decoration of their environments have the opportunity until the day 9 July visit the 2nd Edition of the show House Build (Avenida Getúlio Vargas, 950, Lagoa Santa). In 36 environments, signed by 42 renowned professionals of architecture, decoration, Interior design and landscaping, the public can check out several ideas and ways to give more charm in the House with canvases and sculptures.

There is no shortage of examples, as the environments: Landscaping Neuma Rodrigo Cruz Dzenk Man and the Viewpoint of the stylist and master suite of Ivana Seabra and Bruno Viana. These environments breathe art with sculptures and paintings collected by fashion designer Victor Dzenk, one of the most renowned of Brazil and the partner shows.

According to the architect Ivana Sande the choice of pieces of art to be used in the master suite was given by the personal collection of designer. "At the end of the show, the House becomes the home of Victor, that's why we wanted to let their identity. Choose graffiti dated 1950 which refer to the human body and other works by artists, as Fernando Pacheco ", She explains.

In addition to the concern about sizes, Ivana sought to choose monochromatic tones and clear to brighten up and harmonize with the Mediterranean style employed by room. In the stylist's Lookout are the sculptures of Richard Coal and Alfi Vivern.

"For anyone who values the art is important to have them at home. Knowing ornar. furniture and other pieces, the art customizes the environment ", believe the architect of the exhibition.

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