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#MAS Curso in Loco: Pernambuco and Alagoas. Disclosure.

#MAS Curso in Loco: Pernambuco and Alagoas

A Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo promotes a Course on site in Pernambuco and Alagoas Prof. Fabricio Santos Forganes, about the topic: Afro-Brazilian Catholicism: The Churches of Brotherhoods Ebony Pernambuco and Alagoas


The visit aims to present the first churches built by black brotherhoods in Brazil, where blacks, mostly slaves, They could exercise their religious practices in what we call african-Brazilian Catholicism. Search with this activity meet the architectural features and the historical context of the Northeast regions, in cities whose urban plan managed to resist during the twentieth century, contributing to the preservation of an important witness to the African presence in religious architecture in the country. The intention to visit these churches in the month that marks the day N.S.. the Rosary is to provide the party atmosphere that reigned at this time, mainly favoring access to temples that remain closed most of the year. In addition to the visits to specific churches, the journey covers meet other temples built by brotherhoods of white men as well as enjoy cultural and leisure moments in beautiful cities in the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas.

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– Spaces of Catholicism Afro-Brazilian:
– Visits to church N.S.. from Guadalupe, first built for the use of the black population, and church N.S.. the Rosary of Black Men, main devotion among black Africans abducted and brought to Brazil during the slavery process: analysis of temples that stood in the urban plan of the Northeastern cities favors the understanding of architecture, interior decoration and existing social life in the early years of black African presence in the country.
– Historical Heritage, cultural and natural:
– Visit the historic center of cities in Pernambuco and Alagoas: the route between the churches of the black brotherhoods also favors research into the usual urban planning in major cities in the Northeast, especially with the influence of other European cities where people of Pernambuco, whose paths have changed during the Dutch presence.
– cultural route in Pernambuco and Alagoas: in addition to the rich historical heritage, a visit to these cities favors know genuine cultures preserved in Northeastern Brazil through craft, cultural events and local cuisine.
– Visit the mouth of San Francisco: "Old Chico" besides being the main source of income of the inhabitants located along its route in the Brazilian wild country, It provides a beautiful sight on the border between the states of Alagoas and Sergipe, immense beauty scenario immortalized in literature, visual arts and Brazilian soap operas.


11 October 2018 -Thursday
DAY 1 - Brotherhoods in Pernambuco: Olinda
From Sao Paulo. Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo
Breakfast Recife and move to the city of Olinda, knowing the Church of N.S.. Guadalupe Church and N.S.. the Rosary of Black Men, both located in the historic city center. Lunch and tour of the city center throughout the day, returning at night to the hotel in Recife.

12 October 2018 - Friday
DAY 2 Brotherhoods Pernambuco: Recife and Goiana
Breakfast Recife, visit the Church of N.S.. the Rosary of Black Men, located in Goiana. Stroll through the city center which was the first capital of Pernambuco state. Return to the city of Recife to know the Church of N.S.. the Rosary of Black Men Recife and other historic buildings located in the old town. Dinner in the old pier docks at ground zero of the city.

13 October 2018 -Saturday
DAY 3 Brotherhoods Alagoas: Maceió
Breakfast Recife and move to the city of Maceio. Visit the Church of N.S.. the Rosary of Black Men, located in the city center. Walk along the beach and arriving at Hotel.

14 October 2018 -Sunday
DAY 4 Brotherhoods Alagoas: Penedo
Visit the historic center of Penedo, with Mass participation in the Church of N.S.. the Rosary of Black Men. Lunch on the beach Piaçabuçu, boat trip to the mouth of the Rio São Francisco. Return to the city of Boulder, performing route through the historic city center. Overnight in the city of Boulder.

15 October 2018 - Monday
DAY 5 - Brotherhoods in Alagoas: Marechal Deodoro
Breakfast Penedo and departure to visit the historic center of Marechal Deodoro, first capital of the state of Alagoas. Stroll through the historic center and return to Sao Paulo.

Relationship hotels:
Park Hotel Recife – www.park.com.br/park/pt/home/index.html
Maceió – Hotel Ritz Lagoa da Anta – www.ritzlagoadaanta.com.br
Hotel San Francisco in Boulder – www.hotelsaofrancisco.tur.br

*Itinerary subject to change due to religious celebrations or public activities that are not informed or planned in advance by its organizers.


The course content is designed for the general public interested in investigating the lives of black slaves and african-Brazilian Catholic practices. However, the approach to interface art history X also arouses interest to art scholars, historians, religious, researchers, teachers wishing to develop the theme in the classroom, college students or professionals working in cultural or heritage preservation projects for the population studied.


Fabricio Santos Forganes is an architect and urban planner graduated from the Catholic University of Santos. He has served as sacred art curator at the Museum of Sacred Art of Santos-SP and is currently professor at the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo. Develops his master's research, having as object the Churches of Brotherhoods of Black Men, a member of the Baroque design Encrypted FAPESP / USP and member of the Rosary Community in the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary of Black Men of Penha de France, which contributes to the inculturated liturgy celebrations.


Price per person in double fit R $ 3.782,00 - At sight 3% discount.
Supplement for Single Occupancy - R $ 330.00
Form of payment: 20% entry and the remainder up to 06 times in the credit card, or entry + 04 times in bank bill.

– Monitoring – Prof. Fabricio Santos Forganes


– Output Transfer - Museum of Sacred Art / Airport SP
– Ticket air São Paulo / Recife and Maceio / São Paulo
– Accommodation with breakfast in hotels 04* in Recife and Maceio and tourist category Penedo, Alagoas (The best hotel in the area).
– Bus available for transfers of arrival in Recife and Maceio output, Recife trip to Maceio, and other activities throughout the trip (On the second day in Recife will be used a minibus)
– 02 Vans for circulation in Olinda, historical heritage, where it is not allowed access to bus
– Travel insurance for the entire period
– Senator Kit Travel Tourism and personalized luggage tags
– Escort Senator Tourism

Flight schedules:

CGH REC 11/10/2018 1552 06:00 – 09:00 - CONGONHAS
6367 – 15/10/2018 16:55/20:00 – (MCZGRU) – GUARULHOS
Note. Output by Congonhas and Guarulhos back by

Not included

meal expenses, drinks, the visitation sites (museums, churches).

Output: Parking Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo - Jorge Miranda Street, 43
Time: 4h in the morning
Return: 20h, on its own in Guarulhos.
Inscriptions: Fatima – mfatima@museuartesacra.org.br
Information: (11) 5627.5393 – mfatima@museuartesacra.org.br
Vacancies: 30 (thirty)

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