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Wall in Cultural Pack with the painting "In the ponds" Artist Heway Verçosa. Photo: Disclosure.

Pack opens Cultural programming dedicated to the northeast with artists of Alagoas

The nine northeastern states will be covered individually every month, starting the project with Alagoas. In programming, the artist Heway Verçosa presents the mural "In the ponds" and days 25 and 26 the house receives shows Alagoas musicians. Cine Pack has films and documentaries dedicated to the state, especially chat with photographer and director Alice Garden

São Paulo, April 2019 – The Brazilian Northeast is the cultural cradle of the country, since it was the first area colonized by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century still. With Indian influence, African and European, customs and traditions vary from state to state, thus bringing hundreds of musical rhythms, literary styles, audiovisual languages, among other artistic expressions. Thus, Cultural Pack, from 25 April, opens its special programming dedicated to the Northeast over the next nine months. Every thirty days, one state is honored, starting the campaign with Alagoas. The project is curated by Lili Buarque and Larissa Lisbon.

Within the program the public can find visual interventions, dedicated to the movies, music, literature, dance, among others. The rookie Alagoas opens the special with the mural "In the lagoons" by local artist Heway Verçosa, from 29 years. Graduated in Social Communication from the Federal University of Alagoas, He has excelled in several solo exhibitions, like "Entre Aspas" (SESC-AL, 2013) and "being IT" (Pinacoteca University of UFAL, 2015). Heway also made participation in the book "Art Graciliano 2016/17 – Official Press Graciliano Ramos ". The Haway painting is exposed in the Cultural Pack until the day 5 de Mayo.

Still on Thursday, 25, the collective of artists Alagoas Sururu Music presents from 18h. In order to promote and spread the local culture through music, dance, theater, cuisine and fine arts, will rise to the stage of the Cultural Pack bassist and guitarist Fernando Nunes, trumpeter and singer Nathan Oliveira, the interpreters and Save Black Cinthia, and percussionist Rafael Coelho and China. Already on Friday, day 26, from the 8:00 pm, It happens forró trio show Alagoas Feet Home. Led by songwriter and singer Fernanda Guimaraes, the group explores the various beats guiding the dance, with influences of jazz and popular Brazilian music.

Also on both days the public can check the Cine Pack several films and documentaries produced in Alagoas. On 26, It happens a chat with the director and photographer Alice Garden after the views of their audiovisual projects "At Work", "However", "Diluted", "Creature", "Zoe", "Spring Tide" and "Between Heaven".

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The curator Larissa Lisbon graduated journalist from Federal University of Alagoas and expert in Web Technologies business by Fejal – CESMAC. Founder and manager of the site Alagoar (www.alagoar.com.br), He is currently an analyst in audiovisual culture SESC Alagoas. Lili already Buarque, born in Maceio, He has career as a singer in the region, cultural producer and composer. Bacharelada Law, search in the arts to vent his creativity and poetry. His first album, "Serene", It was produced by Dinho Zampier (Figueroas) and featured appearances by Wado, Luiz de Assis and Paulo Franco, having among its achievements a pre-nomination Award of the Brazilian Music 2016. As a cultural agitator, He is the producer of artist Wado and other bands of Alagoas, and created the Carambola Festival in Singapore, who already had three editions (2017, 2018 and 2019).

Especially in the Northeast Cultural Pack: Alagoas
Local: Cultural pack (Rua Rego Freitas, 542 – Republic, São Paulo, SP)
Dates: 25 and 26 April
Timetables: 1822.30 h
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Full schedule

25 April

20h – Sururu Show with Music

Collective of artists who Alagoas aims to promote and spread the local culture through music, dance, theater, cuisine and fine arts. On this day, the collective will be represented by bassist / guitarist Fernando Nunes, trumpeter and singer Nathan Oliveira, Black singers and Cinthia Desa and percussionist Rafael Coelho.


Duration: 70 minutes. Parental guidance: 12 years

midwives (Direction: Arylene Castro)

Documentary, 24 min., 2018

SYNOPSIS: This documentary is part of the Inventory of Knowledge and Doings of the Elderly of Alagoas Course, which aims to create registry tools, protection and transmission of traditional knowledge supported by wise (Mrs) experts Artisanal Production, gastronomy Popular, Pharmacopoeia and Traditional midwifery in Wasteland and Hinterland Alagoas. Coité shot in the Noia, Arapiraca, D'Eye Big Water, Miner's Negrao, Saint Sebastian, Igaci, Palmeira dos Indios, Major Isidoro and Jaramataia.

unbridled heart (Direction: Cris da Silva and Hallana Lamenha)

Fiction, 8 min 22s, 2018.

SYNOPSIS: Deborah has no brake in the heart.

I worry (Direction: Paulo Silver.)

Fiction, 19 min 38seg, 2017

SYNOPSIS: After her husband's death, Jande tries to rebuild his life. Paulo, your son, It seeks to understand the direction things have taken.

Teresa (Direction: Nivaldo Vasconcelos)

Fiction, 19 min. 2017

SYNOPSIS: The life of a young Performer conflict when she is invited to play St. Teresa of Avila in a movie.

26 April

20h – Feet Show Home

forró trio 100% Alagoas led by Fernanda Guimaraes. Exploring the various beats guiding the dance. The recent album "Feet At Home" has a more cosmopolitan footprint, bordering the influences of jazz and popular Brazilian music, uniting this diverse culture to the traditional mountain standing, style so genuinely Northeast.


Duration: 55 min Rating System: Free

Building (to you. Alice Garden)

video 3'50 " – Maceió-AL

SYNOPSIS: How to build a look?

However (to you. Alice Garden)

Documentary – 2min 22s – Maceió-AL

SYNOPSIS: Among various transformations and, a living organism. The city from another look ? trivial urban scenes ? outlining imaginary geometries that intertwine real flows.

diluted (to you. Alice Garden)

videoart – 2min37s – Maceió-AL

SYNOPSIS: The city overflows with light mirages.

Creature (to you. Nivaldo Vasconcelos. to you. photography: Alice Garden)

videodança: 7min – Maceió-AL

SYNOPSIS: Invisible bonds melt and the woman is ready for metamorphosis.

ZOE (collective leadership. to you. photography: Alice Garden)

videodança: 7min 35 s – Maceió-AL

SYNOPSIS: Dance the dance of the city is proposing to discuss or simply feel the beauty hidden behind the shadows, Transit traffic, noise that makes music, the wind dancing in skirts, the hair, the trees and inside us.

Tide VIVA (direction: Alice Garden and Lis Paim)

2013 – fiction – 20min – Maceió-AL

SYNOPSIS: There me the city where so many men swim. Only tide while the chase. A film to Maceio.

between Heaven (direction: Alice Garden )

documentary – 12min – Maceió-AL.

SYNOPSIS: Bird's Eye View, from above, but also see the detail. The ambition to extend the most of the ability to observe accompanies the Golden Age of Dutch. What happens when looking other lands and another sea, vastíssimos, the birthplace of the opposite?

21h30 – Chat with the director and photographer Alice Garden

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