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Antique Furniture: know the advantages and disadvantages of choosing them

Mancient obilia is something that catches people's attention, mainly, due to its rusticity and its differences between the options we find in the market.

It is also not new that we hear people say that old furniture has superior quality and that it lasts longer than new models. In fact, if we compare, the old options seem to last longer.

So much so that we can't even imagine a upholstered of today being used from now on 50 years, as we see with the old furniture.

In addition, the appearance of antique furniture is unique and impossible to find, unless the person orders it done.

Anyone who likes a more retro decor and refers to famous decades as 60, 70 and 80, you can take advantage of antiques to bring more style into the home. But it's important to know how to choose and buy so you don't regret it.

Many things must be taken into account, including the positives and negatives of this decoration.

Thinking about it, let's talk about why old furniture is a good option, care when buying, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages.

Why old furniture is a good option?

Antique furniture has many qualities, mainly related to the material with which they are manufactured. Some examples that stand out are:

  • Wood quality;
  • Finish type;
  • Style;
  • Rich details.

In stores specializing in this furniture, it is common that architects and interior designers arrive with customers looking for more vintage options, that match the prefabricated structure.

The type of wood that stands out the most, because they are furniture made with the best of them, how peroba, cinnamon and imbuia. Including, the noblest woods – and at risk of extinction – are found in antique furniture.

Among the most common styles found are Louis XV, plus many originals not made from demolition wood.

So, all kinds of furniture can be found, like beds, sofas, wardrobe, wardrobes, screens, tables, chairs, etc.

Old furniture is on the rise

The demand for this type of furniture has increased a lot in recent years, so whoever has this type of piece has a valuable antiquarian in their hands. But this happens when they are in good condition.

However, it is possible to buy those that are most worn out and appeal for reform. There are specialized establishments in this, one of the most used techniques is the splinters of brightness, which are paintings that transform the pieces.

Besides giving a new color, another option is to change the way the furniture is used, creating a more fun decoration. For example, a sideboard can become a countertop in the toilet, a table can be used as a desk, etc.

The only requirement is to have discretion when combining furniture with other items, such as rustic curtain fabric. In addition, the piece you are looking for will not always be easily found.

It is common that in the panning process, mainly over the internet, some furniture is found in other cities or states, and even outside the country. So, it is at that moment that you need to be careful.

Care when buying

Buying antique furniture over the internet lacks thorough analysis of the piece. It may happen to be contaminated by termites, what is a serious problem.

Therefore, analyzing and comparing values ​​are good strategies for not buying problematic furniture.

Odors are also another factor that needs attention, because it is common for furniture to accumulate a smell like mold, depending on the conditions of the place they were in before.

It is also important to observe conservation, if the furniture has cracks, scratches and other damage that cause it to lose its original beauty. Also pay attention to your firmness and watch for loose legs, because it can be dangerous.

Advantages of old furniture

Old furniture, as a mesa Saarinen Oval have many advantages. Among them we can mention:

Lower price

It's not new that old furniture is much more affordable. To get an idea, they can be up 30% cheaper.

This is because most of them are offered for sale in second hand furniture stores, because they are older and have been used by other people. Even so, the price is not surprising because their quality is usually superior to today's.

An old table, for example, the decade of 1960 is entirely made of solid wood and not MDF or plywood.

Opportunity to find great relics

Used furniture, especially the very old ones, have a lot of story to tell and are a true relic.

Many represent a special family moment, as with the custom kitchen furniture. Therefore, it is common to find people who inherit furniture.

To guarantee good relics, it is important to be aware of opportunities, researching hard so that it is possible to build timeless environments.

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Increased durability

Once again, old furniture has superior durability to the options we find today. Therefore, their life span is much longer, so they are used for decades on end.

They have stood the test of time and served many people throughout their history. Have old furniture at home, with retro style and excellent quality means they were produced with superior materials and systems.

These factors are not always common in the manufacture of furniture today, therefore, no matter how much you invest in quality, you may not be able to reach the level of old furniture.

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One of the few ways to achieve this is by looking for a good planned furniture factory, and opt for manufacturing with solid wood.

Material exclusivity

It is common to customize some old parts, which allows to give a more personal touch to the furniture. This is also a way of saving with more abrupt reforms, because a painting can be enough.

This makes it possible to choose the color that best matches the rest of the decoration and still get an exclusive piece that no one else has.


Buying antique furniture is buying something that was not done in series, like the options we usually find on the market.

Therefore, if you are the type who likes to have different things at home, old furniture is the best option.

Disadvantages of old furniture

Just like everything in life, buying antique furniture also has its disadvantages. Some of them are:

No warranty

You may need armchair renovation, because we are talking about parts that have already been used and no longer have a warranty.

Therefore, it’s important to take a good look at each piece of furniture to make sure you’re taking home something that can really be used for a longer time.

Problems caused by time

A chair manufactured at the beginning of the century has gone through many moments and has been in use for a long time.

Previous owners were not always careful or time itself caused wear and tear on the material.

Therefore, it is important to take into account many aspects, as with those who need to buy lifting. They are antique furniture, therefore, suffered time wasting.

Absence of possibility of exchange

When we buy something new it is common that, within a timely manner and without marks of use, we can exchange the item.

However, this is a very rare situation, practically nonexistent when it comes to buying antique furniture. Therefore, consumers should only buy when they are sure that this is what they want.

Possible restorations and repairs

Finally, even if the buyer carefully analyzes the furniture and the store, just as you would with a cargo transport and handling, it could be that the item is damaged inside and needs restorations and repairs.

If the problem is some pest, like termite, can be very difficult to solve. Now, if it is malfunctions and damages that allow repair, so it’s worth looking for places that make these changes.


The antique furniture is beautiful and different, in addition there are people who are simply in love with them. Quality is much better, the style is unique and the home brings to light different times than the one we live in today.

Having a house all furnished with antique furniture is going back in time and finding at home all that feeling of living in great times. This happens mainly if we combine the old furniture with some wallpapers.

In short, who wants top quality furniture, style and a lot of comfort you can invest in the old, making the home a valuable and very charming antique dealer.

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  1. It’s great that you talked about antique furniture and how it comes with high-quality finishes. Recently, my wife and I decided we’d like to re-decorate our home. We want to get a few vintages and antique pieces for our decor, so we’ll be sure to keep looking around! Thanks for the advice on how antique furniture it’s made from quality materials.

  2. Schott Reuter Sylvette

    What can you use to care for very old furniture that is very dark?

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