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Resident who left Morro do Cubango and went to Milan / asphalt launches book “O Casulo”

Laila dos Santos was born in Cubango, neighborhood of Niterói, Metropolitan Region of the State of Rio de Janeiro. She is the daughter of Lazarus, locksmith, and Sônia, from home. The girl who came down from the hill, fought, studied, became a journalist and, After, Master in Mass Communication, pela SAPIENZA de Rome. Throughout her career she became a businesswoman and writer of the work “O Casulo”.

The book, that has the seal of Editora Ubaldo, is already being sold, exclusively, through the link: lailadossantos.ubaldo.com.br. This warrior never felt victim of anything, quite the opposite, went to the fight, battled and won his place in the sun. Laila says that living is an adventure. Worked in some media outlets, as Radio Tupi, Radio Globo and TV Gari (from Comlurb). In Rome, also participated in a program on Vatican Radio, in Portuguese. After living 16 years abroad, now, lives in Brazil and is divided between books, your great passion, write, the management of your company and the joy of being a mother to Carolina, do Leonardo e do Luca. She does it all with her trademark on her face: a big and beautiful smile.

His trajectory and courage are admirable, from the hill went to the asphalt. Of loneliness, sought friends and the crowds. From Niterói to Rome. And from Rome to the world. “O CASULO” by Laila became too small to hold so many experiences and they became the pages of this book that will stir your emotions and give you strength to overcome all the obstacles that once trapped you. Fly towards your dreams. Live the best experiences of your life.

- Always fly towards your dreams. Live the best experiences of your life. Face your problems head on and, remember if, that there is a solution for everything. Don't be afraid of life and its obstacles, because just like the course of river water, a new path will always be opened. I hope that “O Casulo” can bring you gas and energy to overcome your hardships - comments Laila dos Santos.

The CASULO is much more than a book. He's a call to a reunion where something is lost. Where clarity has been overshadowed and masks have served as an anesthetic to move forward. The result of this is to hide the pain and discomfort that was born somewhere in our past and, that prevents us from living the miracle of existence in its fullness and lightness. Each person's cocoon may represent an unbearable place or not. Everything will depend on how each one reacts to the storms that devastate their cocoon. Every line on these pages has been whispered into my ears to recall the transformation process that is my CASULE.

Technical sheet and service:

Launch of the book “O Casulo”
Author - Laila dos Santos
Photo from capa - Carolina Riccioni
Creation and illustration - André Ubaldo
Online purchases through the link: lailadossantos.ubaldo.com.br
Publisher Ubaldo
ISBN – 97865000220896

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