Piratininga Lagoon inspires “Cantos & charms”

Elza Suzuki with canvas from the Cantos exhibition & Charms - Piratininga Lagoon. Photo: Disclosure / Macarena Lobos.

Artist Elza Suzuki presents diversity of flora and fauna of Niterói's lagoon system (RJ) in 40 telasineditas, at Sala de Cultura Leila Diniz The anniversary of 450 Niterói years (RJ) it will be in november, but one of the gifts arrives this March, com a exposição “Cantos & Enchantments – Piratininga Lagoon”. The artist … Read more

The presence of art at Casa Design Niterói

18° Edition of the Casa Design Niterói Exhibition. Photo: Disclosure.

Contemporâneos Galeria de Arte lands in the 18th Edition of the Casa Design Niterói Exhibition, promising to be one of your highlights. The gallery brings to this edition, 23 contemporary works for the beautiful “Hall Gallery” by the architect Mayra Torres, and the “Journalist's Living” from interior designer Magda Curi. to contemporaries, that was created in … Read more

Exhibition showcases Tarsila's influence on fashion and art

Six artists from the Alma Tarsila exhibition. Photo: Disclosure / Celio Carvalho.

Important for modernism, plastic artist Tarsila do Amaral also influenced Brazilian fashion. It is this fashion side that the exhibition “Alma Tarsila” will emphasize at the end of the season, the Leila Diniz Culture Room, on 7 July, in Niterói (RJ). From 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the performance “Tarsila, Oswald e a … Read more

Virtual Exhibition brings black and white photos of Ouro Preto

Virtual Exhibition "Trois", Contemporary Art Office. Disclosure.

TROIS EXHIBITION “The subject's center of gravity is this present synthesis of the past that we call history.” LACAN The Baroque Mineiro developed in Minas Gerais between the 18th and 19th centuries. With its own style and characteristics, the movement received artistic influences from the European Baroque and the Baroque that predominated in other parts of the … Read more

“Alma Tarsila” have conversation circles with artists

Work by Lucia Lyra at the Alma Tarsila do Entreartes exhibition, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Collective gathers public in the project “Thursdays in the Room”, in Niterói (RJ) There's news in the exhibition “Alma Tarsila” that ENTREARTES – Coletivo de Arte presents, the Leila Diniz Culture Room, in Niterói (RJ). In addition to seeing the works of Bia Torres, Fatima Dantas, Lucia Lyra, Maria Lucia Mackin, Mario Reis and Renata Barretto, us … Read more

Colectivo Entreartes honors modernists with “Alma Tarsila”

Pintura de Bia Torres na exposição 'Alma Tarsila' from Entreartes. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition at the Leila Diniz Culture Room brings together six artists in Niterói, in RJ In this women's month, ENTREARTES – Coletivo de Arte prepares an exhibition in honor of the modernist artist Tarsila do Amaral. “Alma Tarsila” will open, the Leila Diniz Culture Room, in downtown Niteroi, on 7 April, to celebrate … Read more

Accessible content and tactile replicas extend the reach of blind people, low vision, deaf and deaf to the exhibition “Múltiplos Olhares” at the Ingá Museum

Tactile replica to serve blind and low vision people. Photo: Disclosure.

Accessible content is providing, and expanding, the possibilities of communication and interface of blind people, low vision, deaf and deafened in the exhibition “Múltiplos Olhares: women artists in the FUNARJ collections” on display until the day 20/3, at the Museum of the Ingá, in Niterói. These resources use QR Codes associated with Spotify platforms (with audio description) e YouTube … Read more

Niterói poems – 3confronts and provokes precisely to move this world

Livro "Poemas de Niterói" by Marcos Jorge Nasser, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Neutral colors are becoming increasingly popular. (autograph) Neutral colors are becoming increasingly popular. – Poems from Niterói; Poems from Niterói – and poem as a verbal construct, Poems from Niterói. confronts and provokes precisely to move this world … Read more

Evidence Beauty & Spa receives Ambience by Lu Valença

Solo exhibition “Women and Goddesses” by Lu Valença, featured. Disclosure.

with the rebirth, present from the 14th century, the female beauty began to be seen with different eyes by society. So that now, different from what many think, the “beautiful woman” was not just the one who dressed well and kept her hair tidy. The concept was included in the personality of each one., for all … Read more

Exhibition of usable works of art by Cristina Pinho and sculptures by Rodrigo Saramago

Inspirations from the "Sea and Air". Disclosure.

Cristina Pinho launches her “Mar e Ar” collection in an art night, fashion and gastronomy at Olimpo Restaurant. And since December is the month of celebration, we will celebrate no day 8 of december, on wednesday, the launch of its exhibition of wearable works of art perfect to complete the looks signed by the stylist Patrícia Mattos who … Read more