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Belmiro de Almeida - Black young woman figure, the 1880. Photo: Daniela Paoliello.
Belmiro de Almeida - Black young woman figure, the 1880. Photo: Daniela Paoliello.

Museum of Art of Rio - MAR launches program of Escola do Olhar Online

Proposal is to present to the public a new form of mediation in the virtual environment, with accessibility features, and revisit educational and training activities prioritizing dialogue

More than 100 days since the Museum of Art of Rio - MAR, under the Institute's management Odeon, closed its doors to the public due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Over the period, several initiatives were put in place so that the institution could continue guiding the themes related to its curatorial program. But despite programming in the form of podcasts, virtual visits and lives, among other supports, a key element in the relationship with the public was missing: the dialogue. To meet this need, educators went into research to create the online Museal Education Program, that will take, from the month of July, mediated visits, activities for visitors and teachers and even breakfast with neighbors for the virtual environment.

Face-to-face visits with educators will be represented through a series of videos Mediated Courses. Each exhibition that was on display before the closing of MAR (‘The Rio dos Navegantes’, ‘Pardo is paper’ and ‘Street!’) will be the subject of a cycle of five videos, all with accessibility features (subtitles, LIBRAS and audio description). The first video is inspired by the welcoming that takes place in person at the museum, when there is an introduction to the institution and its history making a connection with the content that will be seen below. The next two videos cover the mediation itself, bringing images from inside the exhibition and speeches from educators, recorded from their homes, addressing the relationships between works, nuclei or artists.

The fourth video presents the audience with the mediation devices created for each of the exhibitions, which can be objects or methodologies used during group visits to MAR. Ending each cycle of the series, the viewer will be introduced to the experimental universe of mediation with content where the exercise in contemporary artistic languages ​​is present in the relationship with direct and transversal themes to the exhibition.

To further narrow the dialogue with the visitor, there will be online versions of two educational activities. With the proposal to encourage creativity in the family, to Creation workshop will be adapted to take place live and in a virtual room with a limited number of participants. In the same virtual format will be the meeting 5 Minutes with the Collection. The educator will choose a work or set from the MAR Collection for a brief presentation of research related to that content, and then follow up with a chat that can go on for longer.

The Online Museal Education Program will not leave out SEA Neighbors and teachers. The traditional monthly breakfast with residents around the museum will also take place in the virtual environment. In this first edition, the themes of the third newspaper of the neighbors and the next Office of Knowledge will be discussed.. Finally, Teacher Training will take place through streaming platforms and will start from the exhibitions on display in an invitation to think new narratives. The first meeting will deal with the means of virtual education using as an example the series Mediated Courses.

The innovative project will be the first mark in Hugo Oliveira's management as education coordinator. “How do you create Morro da Providência and one of the first participants in the Vizinhos do MAR program, I arrive with the mission of stimulating the decolonization of the institutional body and maintaining MAR's vocation to dialogue with issues such as ethnic-racial relations and human rights ”, Hugo affirms. PhD student in Communication at Uerj, Hugo has extensive experience in public management of projects and programs aimed at education, dance, Youth, slum and social development, besides being the coordinator of the pre-university entrance exam Marielle Franco and creator of Galeria Providência, graffiti promotion initiative supported by MAR.

The Museal Online Education Program will start in July and should continue even after the end of social isolation. The first cycle of the series Mediated Courses is about ‘O Rio dos Navegantes’, and has been available on MAR's Youtube since the day 06/07. Teacher Training will take place on the second Saturday of the month, day 11/07 and breakfast with Vizinhos do MAR will take place on the same date, day 11/07. Below are the dates and synopses of the other activities.

16/07 | 17h -5 Minutes with the Collection – “Black Young Figure”, Belmiro de Almeida

Educator: Fernando Porto

In the first 5 Minutes with the Collection, educators will share a little about the collection of works and artists present in the MAR Collection. The chosen work is ‘Figure of Young Black’, by Belmiro de Almeida. What imagery surrounds this painting and what subjects it can trigger, today, in Brazilian society?

18/07 | 14h – Creation workshop: Supermarket

Educators: Fernando Porto and Maria Rita Valentim

How superheroes and heroines are born? From the superheroes present in the works of Maxwell Alexandre, we invite children and guardians to create new superheroes, searching for in the imagination the cartoons and with inspiration on the shelves of the supermarket. What heroes and heroines are made of? Let's invent together?

30/07| 17h -5 Minutes with the Collection – “If Meanwhile Teneni“,  Acelino Sales Tui

Educator: Maria Rita Valentine

The conversation will be about the relationship between some concepts of formal education and other methods based on the work Kui Dume Teneni, by Acelino Sales Tui, member of the Hun Collection Kuii of the MAR Collection. We invite the public to make connections between different educational perspectives in the artistic process of the Huni Kuii people.

The Art Museum of the river-SEA

An initiative of Prefeitura do Rio in partnership with Fundação Roberto Marinho, the Rio Art Museum is managed by the Odeon Institute, a social organization of Culture and has Grupo Globo as maintainer, Equinor as the master sponsor and IRB Brasil RE and Bradesco Seguros as sponsors through the Federal Culture Incentive Law.

Escola do Olhar is sponsored by Itaú and supported by Icatu Seguros and Machado Meyer Advogados via the Federal Culture Incentive Law. Through the Municipal Culture Incentive Law - ISS Law, is also sponsored by HIG Capital, RIOgaleão and JSL. Vale sponsors the “Casa Carioca” exhibition through the Federal Culture Incentive Law.

MAR also has the support of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Ministry of Citizenship and the Federal Government of Brazil, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture.

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