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Classical music directly from Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas throughout Brazil

Created by Eva Klabin House Museum, cultural space in Rio de Janeiro, “Concertos de Eva” receives artist Rosana Lanzelotte for a recital in November, broadcast online

Culture tip for annotating and saving the date: the "Eve's concerts" is back! Sessions that extol the grace and lightness of the classical music are the highlight of the November schedule of Eva Klabin House Museum, in Rio de Janeiro. On Saturday, 13, at 19h, the italian-brazilian artist Rosana Lanzelotte presents a recital featuring Italian Baroque composers. The show will take place in the Renascença Room of the Eva Klabin House Museum, showing on YouTube from space.

In the period of renaissance, music and plastic arts distanced themselves from religious themes and approached humanism. In the song, highlights the appreciation of instrumental repertoires, with the italian sonata, which gained visibility across Europe. The Italian style has also established itself as the favorite of the Portuguese courts over the centuries 17 and 18.

In this recital, Rosana Lanzelotte presents a sample of these repertoires in her new instrument, the harpsichord built by César Guidini, decorated with a watercolor reproduction of another Italian who adopted Rio de Janeiro, Nicola Facchinetti.

Rosana's career is praised by recordings of rare Bach works, Haydn, unpublished portuguese sonatas Avondano and Brazilian pieces that were dedicated to her. The artist is responsible for rescuing works by Sigismund Neukomm, registered beside Ricardo Kanji, no album "Neukomm no Brasil”, of Biscoito Fino, which was nominated for a Latin Grammy and winner of the Bravo Award, in 2009. Rosana also wrote the book “Secret Music – My Trip to Brazil", where tells the story of Neukomm around here.

“Concerts by Eva” is a realization of the Eva Klabin House Museum and, no pandemic period, adapted to the online format. In this issue, will consist of five parts: "Rebirth", “Musical Printing and the Musician King – D. John IV", “Brazilian Gold and Musical Opulence – D. John V", “Other Italians in Portugal – Avondano” and “O Cravo”. The exhibition is free and has a voluntary popular contribution for the maintenance of the space.

Eva's Concerts – Rosana Lanzelotte
Saturday, 13 November, at 19h – Exhibition on Eva Klabin Channel / YouTube
Free event with the possibility of popular contribution. To participate, click here

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