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In the month of valentine, o Italian Cultural Institute realizes as séries "Everyone in the Kitchen"

In the month of valentine, the Italian Institute of Culture runs the “Tutti in Cucina” series of virtual gastronomic videos on Mondays and Fridays led by Chefs of Italian cuisine Michele Petenzi, Benedetta Giustozzi e Rossella Speranza

On Saturdays, no "Nicola's Aperitif", the Italian bartender residing in Brazil, Nicola Bara will teach drinks and cocktails, delicious, romantic and aphrodisiacs.

The videos will be launched on the You Tube Channel and shared on the social networks of the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio

Acesse ao canal You Tube do Instituto @iicrio

In the month of valentine, the Italian Institute of Culture holds the series every Monday and Friday “Everyone in the kitchen”, to present and teach the public easy and delicious recipes conducted by Italian Chefs for the public to cook in real time.

The project is part of the gastronomic meetings that began in May with the Italian cuisine consultant Alessandra Sposetti. In the month of June, the Italian Chefs Michele Petenzi, Benedetta Giustozzi and Rossella Speranza will teach quick recipes from the Italian regional culinary tradition.

Every Monday from the day 8 June, to 12 hours, the young Italian Chef Michele Petenzi born in Costa Volpino, near the city of Bergamo in Lombardy (Italy), who currently resides in Rio and heads the restaurant “Quadrifoglio”, in Barra da Tijuca, will teach the participating public special and easy-to-prepare recipes. To start the cycle, the delicious “Eggplant parmigiana”. A perfect Italian dish for a practical and neat lunch, made with sliced ​​eggplant filling, shallow or fried, layered with cheese and tomato sauce and then cooked. Its origin comes from the southern regions of Campania and Sicily.

On 15 of June, Michele will invite the public to make the “Saltimbocca alla Romana”, carne de boi cutlets (Cha, rump, duckling total 300g) involved in flour, with sage leaves and Parma ham. On 22 June, “Polenta and sausage”And to end the month, no day 29 of June, Michele will teach the real “tiramisu” italiano, a typical Italian dessert, possibly from the city of Treviso, in the Veneto region.

For the special Valentine's Day, 12 of June, as Chefs Rossella Speranza specializing in Mediterranean food culture and Benedetta Giustozzi, holistic nutrition consultant and educator present the series “Everyone in the kitchen” com receitas saborosas e fáceis do público preparar. A partir das 12 hours, Rossella teach in real time, the recipe for “Calzone Of Neapolitan Escarole“, but known as “calzone”. Prepared with classic dough and filled with endive leaves, capers, olives, anchovies, raisins and other ingredients, the calzone after roasting is an incredible savory and perfect for tasting on this special day.

At 15 hours, Benedetta together with the public, the recipe for “Panzanella: italian bread salad ”. Two special options for those who want to maintain a light and healthy diet. Sunday, day 24 June, 17 hours, Benedetta Giustozzi will do a Live with the Release of the book “Pão estilo sourdough” and teach the public the recipe for this savory bread. For more information, interested parties can visit the website: www.benedettagiustozzi.com and for those who want to buy the book just access: benedettagiustozzi.com/pt/pao-de-fermentacao-natural-ebook.

In Friday, 19, Rossella teach the public the traditional “Tagliatelle Bolognese”. On day 26 of June the Chef will teach the “ragout” (meat sauce) Bolognese and not day 3 July the series presents the “Baccala Alla Vicentina“, a very tasty cod recipe.

Last week, a reminder video will be posted on the networks of the Italian Cultural Institute Rio de Janeiro with the list of ingredients and utensils needed for the recipe.

To harmonize with dishes and delicacies of Italian cuisine, from the day 13 of June, the series "Nicola's Aperitif”Opens Saturday afternoons, to 16 hours with videos of the Italian bartender residing in Brazil, Nicola Bara, that will teach the audience some of the most famous drinks and delicious cocktails, romantic and somewhat aphrodisiacs.

On Saturday, day 13 June, the proposal is to learn “Negroni and Campari”. Nicola Bara will make an introduction with the story of “Negroni”, a very classy Italian drink, great to be served as an aperitif and the “Americano”, a cocktail made up of Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda. It will tell how they were born and how to prepare them.

On 20 June, it is the turn of a drink that is in fashion and is currently considered the most beloved Italian drinks: the "Aperol Spritz and Gli Spritzer”, perfect and refreshing appetizers for hot days. Nicola Bara will tell everything! All the secrets about Aperol Spritz, how it was born and how to prepare it.

How to make limoncello at home and how to prepare some drinks with limoncello? In this Saturday video, day 27 of June, Bara will explain details on how to prepare drinks with “limoncello”, a lemon liqueur that appeared in southern Italy, perfect for those who like to enjoy a good drink.

On 4 July, last series edition “Nicola's Aperitif”The Italian bartender ends with“Express, another pillar of very Italian drinking”, to show that the express, and coffee in general can be used as ingredients in the world of coctails. Drinks with coffee and history of the café “corretto”.

Michele Petenzi. Foto: Divulgação.

Michele Petenzi. Photo: Disclosure.

Michele Petenzi Italian chef from 34 years. Born in Costa Volpino near the city of Bergamo in Lombardy, northern italy, develops a passion for cooking from an early age, the affection for the ingredients and the love for what the kitchen represents as a union of families and friends. Ph-D in Chemistry by the University of Pavia, after a year in Paris as a researcher at the “Marie Curie Institute” the return to Italy brings the possibility of turning your passion into a profession. The first contact with professional gastronomy is as a private cook, home chef between Italy and France, luxury service at home, with tasting menu and service. After some experiences as a cook in a restaurant in Italy, an internship at the Mirazur restaurant (3 Michelin stars, best restaurant in the world for 50 best restaurant 2019) in Menton, on from France, transforms your view of life and gastronomy. Emigrates not Brazil, and in Rio at the end of 2015 and starts a career in carioca gastronomy. Begins as kitchen manager and partner at “Il Borgo del Conte” in Botafogo, growing to become a reference for traditional Italian cuisine in the city. Goes by 6 months as a consultant chef at the restaurant “Satyricon” in Ipanema, an icon in Carioca gastronomy for over 30 years. After 2 years, takes over the leadership of the “Quadrifoglio” restaurant in Barra da Tijuca, with the great challenge of transforming a shopping restaurant into a gastronomic goal. In 2020 with activities in full ferment and with new projects on the horizon, stopped, like the whole world, because of the pandemic. Big moment of crisis, who can book great opportunities.

Rossella Speranza. Foto: Divulgação.

Rossella Speranza. Photo: Disclosure.

Rossella Speranza is a gastronomic consultant specializing in Mediterranean food culture. His professional experience was developed through international training (MBA in Agribusiness in the USA) and institutional (Chambers of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Italy). In the years 2000 Rossella collaborates intensively with Oldways of Boston in spreading the Mediterranean diet. During this period he writes the book “Reason and Feeling Olive Oil”.

Since 2012 Rossella lives in Rio de Janeiro where she owns an Italian street food foodtruck, teaches cooking classes at Istituto Italiano di Cultura and organizes gastronomic trips in Italy. In 2020 she starts collaborating with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Rio for the government project True Italian Taste. Rossella considers her intensely Italian, citizen of the world by choice and Brazilian by adoption.

Benedetta Giustozzi. Foto: Divulgação.

Benedetta Giustozzi. Photo: Disclosure.

Benedetta Giustozzi

Holistic nutrition consultant and educator. Works with food consultancy, revenue development, artisanal bakery and teaches natural and preventive cooking courses.

On her blog, there is a lot of useful information to have a healthy and natural diet with a holistic and integral approach to health and well-being.

Nicola Bara. Foto: Divulgação.

Nicola Bara. Photo: Disclosure.

Nicola Bara, Italian bartender born in Brescia, in Lombardy in northern Italy. Leave Italy, in the middle of 2012 when I went to London, where I started working in bars. I stayed in London until the 2015 where a gastronomy college had also started. In the middle of 2015 After 3 years in the english capital I moved to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. From 2015 until end of 2017 I worked in several bars and restaurants here in Rio, and I also started my first company, participating in gastronomic fairs where he served typical Italian food paired with cocktails. In addition, it also served some private events with bar service. Not being my vocation, I decided to go back to work behind a fixed counter, Sunroof in Botafogo, where in the same year I won a drink competition, Most Imaginative Bartender in Brazil and I arrived among the 3 first in Latin America.

On 2018 I moved to São Paulo, where I started to work at the renowned cocktail bar in São Paulo, and among 100 best bars in the world. In the same year with two other Cariocas I opened a new company and launched Ginta, Savored Gin Tonic, canned and ready to drink. At the end of 2018 I returned to Rio where I took over the counter of a new bar in Leblon, Micro Bar, where do I continue acting today.

SerieEveryone in the kitchen”- With the Chef Michele Petenzi
Day 8 June (Monday), to 12 hours – “Eggplant parmigiana
Day 15 of June (Monday), to 12 hoursSaltimbocca alla Romana
Day 22 June (Monday), to 12 hours "Polenta and sausage
Day 29 of June (Monday), to 12 hours – "Tiramisu
The meetings always happen at 12 hours, approximately one hour long and on facebook (@iicrio or www.facebook.com/iicrio)
SerieEveryone in the kitchen”- With Chef Rossella Speranza
Day 12 of June (Friday), to 12 hoursCalzone Of Neapolitan Escarole
Day 19 of June (Friday), to 12 hoursTagliatelle Bolognese
Day 26 of June (Friday), to 12 hoursragout” (meat sauce) Bolognese
Day 3 July (Friday), to 12 hours – “Baccala Alla Vicentina
The meetings always happen at 12 hours, approximately one hour long and on facebook (@iicrio or www.facebook.com/iicrio)
SerieEveryone in the kitchen”- With Chef Benedetta Giustozzi
Day 12 of June (Friday), to 15 hours – Panzanella: italian bread salad ”
Day 24 of June (Sunday), to 15 hours – 17 hours, Live com o Lançamento do livro e ensinará a receita do Pão estilo sourdough. For more information, interested parties can visit the website: www.benedettagiustozzi.com and for those who want to buy the book just access: benedettagiustozzi.com/pt/pao-de-fermentacao-natural-ebook
SerieNicola's Aperitif” – Com Nicola Bara, bartender italiano residente no Brasil
Day 13 June (Saturday), at 4:00 pm, “Negroni and Campari
Day 20 June (Saturday), at 4:00 pm, “Aperol Spritz and Gli Spritzer
Day 27 of June (Saturday), at 4:00 pm, How to make limoncello at home and how to prepare some drinks with limoncello?
Day 4 July(Saturday), at 4:00 pm, – “Express, another pillar of very Italian drinking
The meetings always happen at 16 hours, approximately one hour long and on facebook (@iicrio or www.facebook.com/iicrio)


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