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The book: 7 X ARTISTS - The New Strokes, invitation Curitiba - PR. Disclosure.

The book: 7 X ARTISTS – The New Strokes

Releases: 10 /12 in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Curitiba) and 12 December at the Imperial Palace (River)

7 X ARTISTS – The New Strokes It presents the production of seven painters of contemporary Brazilian art. The book, which is organized by Wilson Lazaro and features the art direction of Felipe Taborda, shows the experience of artists in the studio and its production processes and the works that accredit its production in the last decade.

The artists who will have their works are destrinchadas: Alvaro Seixas, Daniel Lannes, Elvis Almeida, Felipe Fernandes, Gilson Rodrigues, Livia Moura and Maria Fernanda Lucena

Alvaro Seixas It was indicated for the prize Pipa 2018, and develops, throughout his career, works that explore abstraction in painting and how that language relates to the current artistic-cultural panorama; Livia Moura is an artist who has been developing a research paper of the current women's issues, currently participating in a residence on the island of Cyprus, with a comic painting that is totally feminine;

Gilson Rodrigues He is an artist miner, intense promotes research on their own and make pictorial recurs his research on issues related to time, to memory and landscape; Felipe Fernandes It is occupying a place between figuration and abstraction, painting that develops is fused to delicate paper petals, pieces of masking tape and unforeseen layers of glue Collating gloss ink; A painting Daniel Lannes It has scenes documentary or imagined, historical or banal that are merged without hierarchy - characters (heroic or not, real or not) last century living together in the same scene contemporary, wherein different times coexist and are constant compositions surreal. It was one of the winners of the 6th edition of the Marcantonio Vilaça Prize for Plastic Arts 2017/2018; Elvis Almeida, with a painting well known for its palette of electric colors and well-defined visual vocabulary, uses organic shapes in a figuration that just creeps, while referencing the popular imagination of the great urban centers; Maria Fernanda Lucena, is carioca , in several solo exhibitions with curriculum emotional Landscapes C. Gallery - Rio de Janeiro in 2016; Intimacy is a choice in Gallery IBEU - Rio de Janeiro in 2017; Melancholy landscape in Untitled Gallery - Fortaleza among others.

"Seven styles, seven records of some of the trajectory of contemporary painting, focusing on artists, processes and works. More than ever, transience in times of social networks, seems to be necessary to set the story in a product that reflects the production of artists who are building the Brazilian art of the XXI century, "says Wilson Lazaro, book organizer.

Ficha Technique:

Organizer – Wilson Lazaro
Texts – Marcelo Campos, Cesar Kiraly, Efrain Almeida, Wilson Lazaro
Artists – Alvaro Seixas, Daniel Lannes, Elvis Almeida, Felipe Fernandes, Gilson Rodrigues, Livia Moura and Maria Fernanda Lucena
executive coordinator – Bia Gross
Financial coordinator – Rafael Baloch
Art direction – Felipe Taborda
Design – Augusto Erthal
Registration photographic atelier – Carla Bordin
Photos of the works – Rafal Adrian
Review – The Portuguese
Tradução – Queen Alfarano
Press office – Flavia Tenorio
CTP and Printing – Walprint Graphics and Publishing

Acknowledgements – Claudia Saldanha, Juliana Almeida Vellozo Vosnika, Maria Helena Bahmed, Leila Gontijo, Luciano Augusto, Marcio Felipe, Isaac Furtunato, Ricardo Kugelmas, Fátima Lazaro, Pedro Saturnino Braga e Waldéres Gross

Special thanks – Carla Bordin and Rodrigo Pinheiro

Sponsorship - Bank Bari

book launch: 7 X ARTISTS – The New Strokes
-10 of december, 19h30
Oscar Niemeyer Museum – Curitiba
Address: Rua Mal. Hermes, 999 – Civic Center, Curitiba – PR
Phone: (41) 3350-4400
-12 of december, 18h
Imperial Palace in Rio
Address: 15 November square, 48 – Center, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phone: (21) 2215-2622

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