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Art of Arnaldo Petrazzini. Photo: Disclosure.

Graphic park features production and printed art in Florianópolis

Fair resists to lack of sponsorship, comes to the Second Edition
and will be held this weekend in MESC

In the chest, on courage and with total commitment of initiator and project accomplishing Camilla Petersen. The second edition of Graphic Park – Printed art fair opens its doors this weekend, from 19 to 21 de Mayo, featuring the work of 60 exhibitors and a wide formative programming with 17 courses in various subjects. The event takes place at the Museum of the School of Santa Catarina (MESC) and also on Faferia – DNA of art, partner this year, where there will be some activities.

“I'm committed to carry out a second edition was better than the first, even without any Government help and/or companies.

I believe that investing in the project is very important for the permanence of the event, that generated so many fruits and moved the setting of graphics here. We started a campaign asking for the support of the people and of their exhibitors through donations of any amount can be made through the website or during the event”, explains the graphic designer Camila.

Last year the project was made possible by Elisabete Award for stimulus Anderle Santa Catarina.

Arte de Bruna Granucci. Foto: Divulgação.

Bruna Granucci art. Photo: Disclosure.

New exhibitors

In addition to the already known and anticipated exhibitors – names like Ale Kalko, Bebel Books, Batch 42, Murilo Martins and Popcorn Press -, the Graphic Park bets on new artists. According To Camilla, the goal is to encourage people with little or no experience and who are starting to take a chance in the world of graphic arts and independent publications.

“The fair will be an incentive, that famous Nudge, a conversation with the public and also an opportunity of interaction and rapprochement between artists”, highlights. Arnaldo Petrazzini, Bruna Granucci, Fernanda Volkerling; Unusual, Inert, Tasteless; Julia Brustolin & Pedro Brucznitski and Subodh Fiala are the guests who made their debut in Graphic Park 2017.

Parque Gráfico. Foto: Mariana Boro.

Graphic Park. Photo: Mariana Boro.

The Playground, with production for children, brings the CLA Mafagafos; Coticoá; Fe Sponchi; Gabriela Gil; Lu Bicalho; I paper Glue; Ruth Miyamoto. “We are pioneers in this proposal and the success was so much that the idea was replicated in Flat fair, news that fills me with pride”, Camila says.

More attractions happen outside of the Museum. The Food weapon a square power Bikes in the parking lot of the institution, where will operate in the three-day event. And the estate of El Clandestino, an art gallery on wheels, Joinville, exposes the works of 17 artists. The Graphic Park – Printed art fair has support from the Center for the arts (CEART), the University of the State of Santa Catarina (UDESC) and the Museum School of Santa Catarina (MESC). More information on the site: parquegrafico.com

About the Graphic Park –

The Graphic is a fair Park exhibition, Exchange, sale and consumption of graphic productions and independent publications, such as zines, books, artist books, catalogs, editorials, postcards, posters, woodcuts and a whole plethora of printed products that carry with them the features of this type of production: lower circulation, high artistic value and more craft and less industrial concept.

Graphic Park-Printed art fair
When: 19 to 21 May 2017
Where: Museum of the School of Santa Catarina – MESC
Address: Rua Saldanha Marinho, 196. Centro-Florianópolis/SC
Friday(19), the 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday (20 and 21), the 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Entrance: Free


Graphic Park

Production: Camilla Petersen and Nina Bamberg
Press office: FIFO file and Ahmad Malik
MESC Coordination: Sandra Makowiecky
Visual identity: Tina Merz
Web design:Thiago Bazinga Vieira
Social media: Jean Carlos

Exhibitors-Graphic Park

Adri.; Ale Kalko; Alice Monster; Anaiaiá; Atelier hodie; Bebel Books; Beautiful Gregory; Blessed Collective; oitentaedois collective; Collective Vomitorium; Conspire Editions; Cösmico Zine; Daniella Sgrot; Drocco Art; water issues for horses; Travel editions; Özer Patzlaff; Printed Experiments; Felipe Parucci; Olla Pressure Graphics; Iris Publisher; J. R. Lagazzi; Kaol Porphyry; La Mandarina; Lola Nankin; Batch 42; Mariana Chinato; Martokos; Microutopias; Myriad Editions; Mousse; Murilo Malik (@mu_tron); Nothing Little Almost Too; Nestor Jr.; The workshop Press; omiolofrito; Pedro Corrêa; Popcorn Press; Pluto Prints; Flour Editions; Renata Schramm; Jungle Press; Tina Merz; UGRA Press; A poem a day; Vital Lordelo.


Cla Mafagafos; Coticoá; Fe Sponchi; Gabriela Gil; Lu Bicalho; I paper Glue; Ruth Miyamoto.


Arnaldo Petrazzini, Bruna Granucci, Fernanda Volkerling; Unusual, Inert, Tasteless; Julia Brustolin & Peter Brucznitski; Subodh Fiala.

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