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‘POETICS of another’ at BELIZÁRIO Gallery

“… um ramo da Filosofia que busca analisar a qualidade das obras de arte de acordo com o conceito e objetivo de cada uma das sete artes”

A BELIZÁRIO Gallery open to "group showPOETICS of another”, with your team of 17 artists represented, viewing 56 works on different media – paintings, sculptures, objects, photographs, drawings – creating a visual unit resulting from the personal experiences of each artist and the resulting processes.

Painting repositions itself as a technique responsible for relevant works, as has been happening in other places, in the context of contemporary art. Bruno Duke, Celso Orsini, Fernanda Junqueira, Fernando Burjato and Matheus Machado use the support masterfully creating screens, sometimes with different color palette sometimes in p&b, to narrate your stories and experiences. beside them, the works resulting from the manual skill of the artists Antônio Pulquerio, Deneir Martins, birthmark, Marcos Coelho Benjamin, Maxim Tabby and Paulo Nenflidio Creates present three-dimensional works, expressing their records in sculptures and objects. The drawings, with its delicacies of lines and lines, but no less assertive, are authored by Elias Muradi, Jean Belmonte, Marco Ribeiro and Rodrigo Rigobello While Juliana Notari and Sara has no name opted for photography as a record of their performances.

POETICS of another” offers a lateral look where the distinct and the diverse are presented in line with the whole, narrating personal stories interconnected through creative freedoms, and contemporary narrative choices allowing for personal readings and assimilations by the observer. Each artist's universe is unique. Your message is always personal. Orlando Lemos joined the stanzas of the verses, sensitized to their distinct poetics and wrote a unison visual poem.

Exhibition: “POETICS of another
Artists: Antônio Pulquerio, Bruno Duke, Celso Orsini, Deneir Martins, Elias Muradi, Fernanda Junqueira, Fernando Burjato, Jean Belmonte, Juliana Notari, birthmark, Marco Ribeiro, Marcos Coelho Benjamin, Matheus Machado, Maxim Tabby, Paulo Nenflidio Creates, Rodrigo Rigobello, Sara has no name.
Artistic Coordination: Orlando Lemos
Opening: 11 th November of 2021, Saturday, the 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Duration: from 13 th December 2021 to 05 March 2022
Local: BELIZÁRIO Gallery
Address: Rua Dr. Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto, 491 -Pine trees
Phone: (11) 3816.2404
Timetables: from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm; Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm
Number of works: 56
Technique: painting, drawing, sculpture, object, photography
Dimensions: varied
Price: on request
WebSite: belizariogaleria.com.br
Instagram: @belizariogaleria
Facebook: @BelizarioGaleria
E-mail: contato@belizariogaleria.com.br

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