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Through your book, Journalist teaches us what fighting is, perseverance and resilience

The journalist Eliane Canegal - black woman, born in the suburb of Rio, mother of two children, postgraduate in marketing and with 47 years - is a great example of overcoming and love of life. She has been through 15 surgeries and continuing to face, head up, the disease that completely changed your life: a cancer. The professional, who was a reporter for Rádio Tupi, claims that the disease was never a death sentence. Since 2004, when she learned she was sick she faced three types of breast cancers and, today, fight against bone and brain metastasis. But who was it that said the "classmate" lowered his head and regretted? Quite the contrary, Eliane continues her life and, now, is fulfilling his big dream: activate, launching a book, telling details of your treatment and encouraging other women, other people.

“The cure goes far beyond the physical, because it is in the soul that it inhabits, always with great confidence in God, optimism and hope. My battle is already tough 16 years, but I never lost my focus on living. I decided to report my reality to prove that it is possible to fight and not lose faith, let alone give up on my goals. Even though I'm still sick, I'm conquering my dream of telling everything in my book ”, says Eliane Canegal.

According to your children, Stefany and João Victor, the book “Living and Being Happy Despite Breast Cancer” aims to bring comfort and courage to those who are going through this very delicate moment. The work is also a relief for all members of the family of a person who has cancer. The two also tell that they saw their mother overcome so many adversities that a book is only a little to tell. They conclude that the most valuable thing in all this is the gift of life which is love. Whoever wants to buy Eliane Canegal's work can call the phone (21) 9 9283-2977 and place your order.

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