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Hall of Plastic Arts Arceburgo, Minas Gerais, by Rosângela Vig


Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Ask for your soul.
The soul that is tenderness.
But you will show the curve of your flight
Free, between the worlds…
(MEIRELES, song XVII, 1982)

The artist's soul does not plan a work. She conceives the idea and takes flight through the unfathomable dimensions that are allowed to her.. If you pass through the field of dreams, travels through reality, if the lines allow you to strum a song through Art, only the artist will fit such a journey. And only an open and lucid mind for such a journey will be allowed to join its creator and continue the digression.. This is how the creation process takes place..

Since 1986 the Arceburgo Plastic Arts Salon understands this spirit and rewards artists from various places in Brazil and abroad, through a team of qualified professionals who are part of the judging committee.

And the Salon comes to compose the tradition, this year with the name of SALON ARTS ENGINEER JULIO CAPOBIANCO, in honor of this artist's birth centenary. THE XXXIV ARCHEBURG SALON OF PLASTIC ARTS, MG, Registration is open and can be done in the following locations listed on the registration form:

ARCEBURGO: headquarters of the Historical and Cultural Institute of Arceburgo (35) 3556-2156

SÃO PAULO: Galeria Bric a Brac, in Moema (11) 5055-0874. PIRACICABA: Marcelo Romani de Araujo (19) 99787 – 5753

MOCOCA: Galeria Arrigoni (19) 3656-0990.

The registration period is 04 from July to 05 August. The artists from other states or more distant cities will be able to register and send the works by carrier or by the Post Office. Usually, in the case of the Post Office, most artists choose to send it through ORDER PAC as it is cheaper than SEDEX.

The contact information is by e-mail Institutohistoricoecultural@gmail, for Flávio Calori, member of the organizing committee.

The renowned salon embraces Art in its free flights through the field of imagination, leading more artists to recognition for their work.


MEIRELES, Cecília. Cânticos. São Paulo: Editora Moderna, 1982.

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