Ahead - Culture in the Future. Disclosure.
Ahead - Culture in the Future. Disclosure.


Or cultural market, in Brazil and in the world, was one of the sectors most affected in the crisis generated by the spread of the new coronavirus. With the aim of thinking about Culture, looking at the new reality posed to the world and the country's current conditions, the digital magazine Antro Positivo holds the online seminar Ahead - Culture in the Future from 1st of july.

The idea of ​​the editors Ruy Filho and Pat Cividanes is to reflect, alongside guests from different areas, the new configuration of Culture after the pandemic. Ahead - Culture in the Future happens in the form of conversations held remotely, episodes being made available for free every two days on video (vimeo.com/antropositivoadiante) and podcast through Antro Positivo channel on Spotify.

Among the guests, highlight to the Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, Enrique Avogadro, creative economy specialist with experience in policies to promote entrepreneurial culture and the creative industries, besides economist and philosopher Eduardo Giannetti, the journalist Eugênio Bucci, the composer and essayist José Miguel Wisnik, visual artist and essayist Nuno Ramos, theater director Christiane Jatahy, cultural manager and social activist Maria Marighella, the choreographer and performer Marcelo Evelin and the cultural critic Marta Porto.

Guests from different areas think about culture

Ruy Filho says that the seminar conceived after the action [ Home Show ], daily curation of shows provided by artists, concert halls and festivals from around the world, to be watched for free. The activity, that started at the beginning of social isolation, lasted three months and ended on the day 20 of June, with more than 1500 indications. “After allowing the public to have access to artistic experiences in different languages, we will go, with the seminar, intersect various disciplines, as economy, philosophy, history, right, Public politics, creative economy, Communication, activism, cultural production, psychoanalysis and literature, to think about what to do from now on ”, He explains.

Ahead - Culture in the Future should happen by the end of August and already has 26 confirmed names: Alexander Ahmed (choreographer of the Cena Group 11 of Dance), Ana Carla Fonseca Reis (Garimpo de Soluções director, urbanist and specialist in Creative City), Ana Helena Curti (Art director 3 and cultural producer), Bianca Dias (psychoanalyst and art critic), Camila Pitanga and Jurema Werneck (actress and executive director of Amnesty International Brazil), Christian Dunker (psychoanalyst), Christiane Jatahy e Thomas Walgrave (theater director and set designer), Christine Greiner and Marcelo Evelin (professor in the Department of Body Languages, from PUC(SP) and choreographer), Cida Falabella (actress, theater director and councilwoman in Belo Horizonte), Cris Olivieri (lawyer working in the field of cultural consulting), Eduardo Giannetti (economist and philosopher), Enrique Avogadro (Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires), Eugenio Bucci (journalist), Felipe Assis and Rita Aquino (dance artists and researchers, curators of FIAC - Bahia International Performing Arts Festival), Florence Ferrari (anthropologist and general editor of Ubu Editora), José Miguel Wisnik (composer and essayist), Juliana de Albuquerque (writer and philosopher), Maria Marighella (Cultural manager, actress and social activist), Marta Porto (journalist and cultural critic), Nuno Ramos (visual artist and essayist), Sylvia Colombo (historian and journalist with a focus on Latin America) and Verônica Stigger (writer, journalist and art critic).

For script:

Ahead - Culture in the Future - From July 1st with new conversations available every two days. Realization - Positive cave (Pat Cividanes and Ruy Filho). Music - Muep Etmo. Press Office -Our Lady of the.


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