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Spectrum Miami Art Show, invitation. Disclosure.

Spectrum Miami Art Show - Marcelo Neves Art Gallery and Art Gallery Angels by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Ending the year 2019 with a golden key partnership Marcelo Neves Art Gallery and Anjos Art Gallery through its directors and curators Marcelo Neves and Maria dos Anjos Oliveira will once again leading 26 national and international artists for one of the most important contemporary art events in the world, a Sprectrum Miami Art Show.

From 04 to 08 December 2019.

Will be part of this event artists with their works of painting, sculpture, photography and digital art.

Our Edmundo Cavalcanti columnist will also be participating from the event with a work selected by the Trustees.

Participating artists:

André Crespo

Ana Café

Ana Goulart

Alexandra Betancur

Alexandre Fatalla

Bruno Badaro

Carlos Araújo

Claudio Takita

Daniel Ribeiro

Dennis Esteves

Edmundo Cavalcanti

Eduardo Mendonça

Fernando directly

Helena D’Avila

José R. Amin

Louis Tejuh

Marco Yamin

Magda Necklaces

Marcelo Neves

Nando Martins

Renata Valley

Renata Lauer

Renato Delone

Ricardo Munos

Rose Rossetti

Rodney Andrade


SPECTRUM MIAMI ART SHOW – Exhibition space style GALLERY

It is where contemporary meets extraordinary.”

Spectrum Miami is an exciting exhibition of contemporary art in the heart of Miami's modern art district, known as Wynwood, featuring an international roster of artists and galleries exhibiting works of major US $ 500 a US $ 20.000.

The most important event of Miami Art Week Miami is returning to more artistic neighborhood. Spectrum Miami is taking the iconic Mana of Wynwood 4 to 8 th December 2019.

An arts district Anchor Wynwood, flourishing artistic and cultural scenes, Mana Wynwood is the new long-term home of the Miami Spectrum and its sister program, Red Dot Miami. Mana Wynwood It offers the opportunity to do some exciting updates, including easy access to the hottest galleries, trendiest bars and Miami's best restaurants.

In addition, its proximity to Miami International Airport, I-95 and all of the most influential cultural neighborhoods of Miami – Downtown Miami, Design District, Miami Beach – Mana makes Wynwood the most desirable location for Spectrum Miami.

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