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Brushstrokes Day-to-Day 3 by Angela Scorza

Golden age of these 18 years of the Floating Gallery of Arts Workshop. We had students who became friends forever, friends and neighbors who decided to “To try” paint even for leisure. The workshop was a good place of Floating ...

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Brushstrokes Day-to-Day 2 by Angela Scorza

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day 2 by Angela Scorza . These strokes even seem to stories of fishermen, but are real. – Angela S. Here very close there is a ground which today belongs to FIAT and before there was a nice villa, those ...

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Brushstrokes of Day-to-Day by Angela Scorza

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Angela Scorza like to paint “at plein air”, on the street as the Impressionists, i did the College and went with my father for years and years. As my preferred technique is the watercolor, for all, fluidity, practicality, ...

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