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Baró Gallery receives shows the national circuit Trovoa

"The night does not fall asleep never in our eyes" arises from the need to discuss the plurality of languages, mídias e pesquisas que estão sendo produzidas por mulheres racializadas pelo país Mostra é composta por obras que serão desenvolvidas ao longo de ...

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Conceived by the INC-Photography, exhibition takes place in the gallery and Pair Store, taking as main objective to promote the inclusion and people's access to art The Baró Gallery, in partnership with the INC-Photography, launch the first edition of "(IN) cluir ", ...

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Baron Gallery opens individual Mary Lynch

"Talisman: A color Prophecy "features 20 colorful works and striking compositions, with extraneous issues to reality, inseridas em um universo essencialmente abstrato e conceitual A Baró Galeria exibe “Talismã: Uma Profecia da Cor”, da artista visual brasileira Maria ...

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Almandrade, The concept between the verb and the Visuality

(small formats) GALLERY BARÓ – consolation after the concrete poetry movement, there is 60 years and the Poem/process for 50 years which led to the total viewing radicalisation: the word was excused from the poem, getting just the signs or words ...

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