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Miriam Nigri Schreier exposure, the Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto, is extended until visitation 29 September

The exhibition Imaginary Cities, by plastic artist Miriam Nigri Schreier, inaugurated the Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto on the last day 7 August, had its end extended for another week, now the visitation will be open to visitors until Sunday 29 ...

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In “Imaginary cities”, exhibition at Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto, the artist Miriam Nigri Schreier presents works of his latest production

More than thirty years of professional activity. But Miriam Nigri Schreier remains in full creative activity, and with the same energy of youth. In 7 August it opens new solo exhibition, this time in the space of the Pinediceca Benedicto ...

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Exhibition “three Oceans” features sculptures of recent production Caciporé Torres

Despite his age, o escultor Caciporé Torres continua produzindo com o ritmo e o entusiasmo de um artista jovem. In 16 August it opens new solo exhibition in São Paulo, This presents three dozen works, the biggest ...

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In the city's anniversary, Nilda Luz opens in Pateo do Collegio Exposure “Loving and Living Sao Paulo”

São Paulo in love with the city where he was born, stage throughout its existence, Nilda Luz pays homage to São Paulo with the solo exhibition Loving and Living Sao Paulo, open to visitors from 25 January. The exhibition takes place in Pateo do Collegio. ...

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Ayao Okamoto in “Desdobras”, solo exhibition at Espaço Cultural Humanar

Ayao Okamoto back doing a solo exhibition in São Paulo! In shows, with the title Desdobras, the artist presents 45 works produced over the past five years, on various supports. Are paintings on canvas, paintings on paper, photography, Monotype and ...

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