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Artwork by Naura Timm, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Naura Timm presents the exhibition “Archetypal Brasilia”

Naura Timm presents the exhibition “Archetypal Brasilia” with works that are based on archetypes inspired by the historical clippings of Brasília. The show brings the ever-present existential proposal in the art of Naura Timm, curated by Tartaglia Arte, at the Cultural Center ...

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Work by Roulien Boechat. Photo: Disclosure.

Roulien Boechat presents the exhibition “The Bitterness of Sugar”

Roulien Boechat presents the exhibition “The Bitterness of Sugar”, where he brings characters from the luxurious cabarets and bars of the Recôncavo Baiano of the sugar plantation lords, painted by the artist in the dark, using lighting technology. The show, created by EntreArte, can be visited at the Center ...

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Andréa Bretas. Photo: Georgia Nolasco.

Visual artist and photographer from Rio de Janeiro Andréa Brêtas presents the exhibition “Everything Else Between Us”

Visual artist and photographer from Rio de Janeiro Andréa Brêtas presents the exhibition “Everything Else Between Us”, with pictorial works and mixed media, dealing with human relationships and the 'we'’ that exist on path A shows, that prints the message of the ...

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Maria Eduarda Boabaid. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition “spill and burn”, by Maria Eduarda Boabaid, shake up the art world, at Centro Cultural Correios RJ, with visceral color screens, reais, intense and deep

The individual shows that art is resignification and expression of life, curated by Riccardo Tartaglia and Regina Nobrez. The exhibition “spill and burn”, artist Maria Eduarda Boabaid has stirred the Centro Cultural Correios RJ, with works in acrylic on canvas, ...

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Clothes line, Bia Serranoni. Photo: Disclosure.

“Green Minds” exhibition mixes arts and environment to propose a reflection on ecology in the contemporary

The event will be held at the Correios Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro for almost 40 days In 2022, are celebrated the 50 years of World Environment Day, established by the UN, in 1972, in Sweden, in addition to scoring 30 ...

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Alice Gelli's work. Photo: Disclosure.

Artists collective opens on the day 6 October, Thursday, at Centro Cultural Correios RJ

“drawers, safes and cabinets” Group exhibition opens at Centro Cultural Correios RJ curated by Mario Camargo “Drawers, safes and closets, are sympathetic to all the hiding places in which man, the great dreamer of locks encloses or conceals the ...

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Sonia Menna Barreto, artwork. Photo: Disclosure.

“The Human Comedy”

São Paulo gallery owner Dila Oliveira brings Sônia Menna Barreto's first solo show to Rio, curated by Marcus Lontra “Welcome to the enchanted universe of Sônia Menna Barreto. Today is the day to find art in its essential state: search, talent ...

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Work by Sérgio Helle. Photo: Disclosure.

“The Beings of the World” inaugurates at the Post Cultural Center RJ

Zoomorphic elements and elements extracted from tropical fauna and flora are highlighted in a collective curated by Marcus Lontra “At a time when the discussion on the preservation of the Brazilian natural landscape reaches an international dimension, It is essential to present this theme in ...

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Katia Politzer's Motinate Installation, featured. Photo: Disclosure.


Solo by Katia Politzer at Centro Cultural Correios RJ presents human-scale sculptures, in addition to large facilities “Triage” is an anthropogony, creation of figures with some human characteristics and imaginary stories, having the portrait and the head as categories of ...

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Sandra Gonçalves, everything dances, transmutation 35, 2021. Digital photography on paper. Dimensions 100x87 cm, featured. Disclosure.

“Hidden Transiences” presents photographs of two artists at the CCCRJ

“Hidden Transitors” Rose Aguiar and Sandra Gonçalves present photographs in two rooms at Centro Cultural Correios RJ What is the hybrid perspective that an image can assume? Going through the documentary and the fictional, this is the proposal of the exhibition “Transitoriedades Ocultas”, who ...

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