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pasta with sausage. Photo: Personal collection / Chef Flávio Duarte.

On vacation: Chef teaches fun recipe to take kids to the kitchen

With more than four years of experience with cooking courses for children, chef Flávio Duarte teaches a macaroni and sausage recipe to win the attention and taste of the kids, which is not lacking in ...

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Christmas cookies by Pastry Chef Flávio Duarte. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press / Personal collection.

Pastry chef Flávio Duarte teaches recipe for Christmas cookies that can be sold for up to R $ 5,00; Check the recipe

Option to decorate, gift and serve at the holidays. Low cost and easy production, Decorated cookies can be extra income The year of 2020 It wasn't easy. In addition to all the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, ...

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