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Brasil / Portugal. Photo: Reproduction / MF Global Press.

Portugal is an example in the pandemic of the new coronavirus and is now in high preference among those who wish to leave Brazil

Portugal has been an example in combating the pandemic compared to the rest of the world. Com a pandemia do novo coronavírus praticamente sob controle e vivendo um plano de desconfinamento enquanto países como Estados Unidos e Brasil se tornaram o ...

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Free Course: “The Old Regime revisited Absolutism and the Enlightenment” with Professor. Fabio Lage

The Museum of sacred art promotes, the Free Course: “The Old Regime revisited - The Absolutism and the Enlightenment” with Professor. Fabio Lage. General objective: Europe, sixteenth century. The splendor of the absolute monarchy and frightening glimpses subjects, travelers and own monarchs. apparent ...

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Massey Camargo, Cat Guide. Photo: MF Global Press.

Massey Camargo, our ‘ Cat Guide’ the beauties of Europe by Fabiano de Abreu

Massey Calderon is already known in the social network and was considered the most beautiful contestant of the reality home of Record, so was eliminated joined the Muggles and was for Europe, in this tour, our ‘ Cat Guide’ will tell us ...

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Dear (to) artist, Registrations are now open for the exhibition “Eric Art – 40 years” to be held at the Musée Du Louvre, in Paris. Below the information on display with big world media disclosure. Places are limited and filled by ...

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