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Leandro chagas, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Reading hidden during childhood, Leandro Chagas prepares to launch fantasy work

The author signed a contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência to launch “Diaspora”, first book in an epic saga No freedom to discover magical universes during childhood, Leandro chagas, physiotherapist 26 years, recently signed a contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência and the ...

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Book "Absent" of E. ride, cover - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Author surprises readers with social networks of the protagonist of her book

Ana Winter delivers a new experience to absentee readers and the book's eBook is free on Amazon Currently, face-to-face events are prevented from being carried out through the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes the dissemination of many ...

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Leandro chagas, Alice Rodrigues, Breno S. M. e Stephanne Says. Photo: Disclosure.

Beginning authors to meet later this year

From young to adult, editorial market receives new authors in 2021 The publishing market is constantly receiving news, mainly from new authors who propose to take unpublished stories through their debut books. Aiming this reality, we select ...

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Lea Michaan, Telma Brites and Vanessa Guimarães. Photo: Disclosure.

Age is a problem for Brazilian authors?

Index of Brazilian authors with more than 40 years grows in the publishing market The Editorial Coherence Group surveyed an internal survey and pointed out that, of the authors of the house, 39% are women over 40 years. The percentage is very favorable to the market ...

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Nobelina book" by Cibele Laurentino, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Nobelina: the representation of northeastern women and their claws

Cibele Laurentino lança romance de estreia pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência Filha do saudoso poeta e escritor Zé Laurentino, Cibele Laurentino se destaca no meio literário com o lançamento de “Nobelina”, seu romance de estreia que foi publicado pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência por meio do selo Plus+. In ...

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Book "FraterAngelicus" de Oz Montgomery, cover - featured. Photo: John Fellix.

FraterAngelicus: Oz Montgomery launches fantasy book with cursed ex-friar

Author's debut book will be released by Grupo Editorial Coerência Fascinated by fantasy, writer Oz Montgomery will make a dream come true this month by launching “FraterAngelicus” by Grupo Editorial Coerência. Among angels, demons and several other supernatural beings, the author tells a story with ...

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Book "Almost Witch"" by Rafaella Marques, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Almost Witch: Rafaella Marques debut book starts a fantasy series

First book in history went on pre-sale, while the author finishes writing the second Rafaella Marques, from 22 years, lança durante o mês de março “Quase Bruxa”, your debut book, que marca o início da série de fantasia chamada Eleita ...

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Livros "John Aron e o enigma dos sonhos", "O reino da Rosa negra" e "Numbers – As Runas do Poder", covers - featured. Disclosure.

Fantasy books to read at 2021

Discover stories with incredible lessons to be read later this year Fantastic stories are excellent reading options for those who like to get out of the current reality and live new experiences in another universe. Very famous among readers ...

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Book "How to Tune Your Business to Success" by Márcio Mitidieri, featured. Disclosure.

Book teaches how to undertake using the law of attraction

"How to Tune Your Business to Success", by Márcio Mitidieri, promises to help entrepreneurs through management tools In an era when everyone is proposing to get to know the universe of entrepreneurship, consultant and businessman Márcio Mitidieri draws attention ...

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Book “Timóteo ea as Trees” by Adriana Jungbluth and Rodisley J. Silva, banner - featured. Disclosure.

Timothy and the Trees: book teaches children to preserve the environment

Writer Adriana Jungbluth and illustrator Rodisley J. Silva open collective financing in Catarse for the launch of the work With the great rate of environmental deforestation in Brazil during the year 2019, a artista Adriana Jungbluth junto com o ...

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