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Authors Rafael Guimaraens, Rachel Fernandes and E. Riit. Photo: Disclosure.

Meet 3 authors who took the regions of Rio Grande do Sul to their books

Rio Grande do Sul is the backdrop for a book by national authors Art has the great power to bring knowledge to its admirers, mainly the art of writing, that despite being little valued in Brazil, is ...

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Book & quot; Matumaini - The three jewels of freedom" by João Peçanha, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Hope: Duology narrates dystopia of the future

João Peçanha's next releases is a series of two dystopia books After 17 months of a lot of research and planning, João Peçanha announced Matumaini, a duology composed by “The notebooks of Pietene” and “The three jewels of freedom”. In the first book, ...

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Movie & quot; Risk Attraction & quot;, banner. Disclosure.

Movie "Risk Attraction" gets adaptation in book

The book adaptation of the feature film will be launched by Grupo Editorial Coerência in 2021 The filmmakers, Renato Siqueira and Beto Perocini together with co-author Dan M signed a contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência to launch the adaptation in the book “Atração de Risco”. The story was ...

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Renata R. Corrêa e seu livro "Mais que um olhar". Photo: Disclosure.

Ophthalmologist draws inspiration from his patients to write an overcoming book

The literary work “More than a look”, from Renata R. Corrêa, brings representativeness and diversity when narrating the story of a young blind woman There has never been so much talk about diversity and representativeness as today, discussing these guidelines was very important ...

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Felipe Sali, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Wattpad phenomenon signs contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência

With thousands of readings on the platform and winner of literary awards, Felipe Sali will publish the physical version of the old “Ick Perspectiva” After being rejected by several publishers, Felipe Sali believed in his potential and launched “Ick Perspectiva” on Wattpad, the ...

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Marcia kupstas. Photo: Disclosure.

National author adapts classic tales for a new generation

Released in 2019 by Grupo Editorial Coerência, the book brings together 20 great narratives that marked the author's experience as a reader Marcia Kupstas began her career in the national publishing market in 1986 with “Growing up is dangerous”, your debut book, ...

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Victor Bonini. Photo: Disclosure.

Victor Bonini signs contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência for new book

“Tormenta Branca” é o quinto título do jornalista e tem previsão de lançamento para início de dezembro Após quatro títulos lançados pela Faro Editorial, o autor e jornalista Victor Bonini anunciou que já tem nome e data para sua nova ...

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Livro "Angels Blood" by Aline Silvestri, featured. Disclosure.

Angels Blood: book that emerged from an illustration will be released by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Written by Aline Silvestri, "Angels Blood" will have its release day 8 November, on FLISP 2020 Designer focused on comics, Aline Silvestri will make her entry into the publishing world with an epic and mystical novel that originated from ...

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Book & quot; A love (almost) Perfect" by Lucy Santos, banner. Disclosure.

Secondary characters become protagonists in Lucy Santos' new book

Characters from another book gain prominence in “Um amor (almost) Perfect", next release by author Lucy Santos Inspired by everyday life, the Brazilian writer, Lucy Santos, announced on its social networks the launch of the book “Um amor (almost) Perfect", of ...

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Books brought together by the Editorial Coherence Group. Disclosure.

Coronavirus pandemic books (COVID-19)

Meet some authors and their works inspired by the Coronavirus pandemic Going against the current situation of the publishing market, research shows that sales of physical and digital books have grown by about 50% since April - what you can ...

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