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Adriana Jungbluth, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Adriana Jungbluth releases free audiovisual script course for authors

Author, curator of two courses, short film producer and screenwriter, Adriana Jungbluth launches didactic course on screenplay techniques at IGTV In quarantine, many people found comfort by acquiring knowledge through courses available on the internet. Explorando essa ...

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E-Dinner Online Theater Show, card - featured. Disclosure.

E-Dinner Online Theater Show

Programming 08 to 10 May Dinners, music, lives, chats, Testimonials, theatrical content and expressions on the internet All weekends in May, from sixth to sunday, at various determined times, “E-CENA” happens, EXHIBITION ...

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Curitiba NGO makes Classical Music Concerts available on the internet

#culturaemcasa In order to encourage the consumption of classical and instrumental music, and NGO Unicultura, dedicated to cultural projects, will broadcast the concert Bravíssimo - A Magia da Voz Humana, on your Facebook page the day 23 ...

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Philosopher brings ten tips to overcome loneliness and depression

The philosopher and writer Abreu Fabiano brings ten advice to overcome moments of loneliness and depression and have a fuller life Although we are increasingly connected, technological and tuned, we as a society increasingly individualistic, ...

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The era of narrowing between birth and death

“We waste time playing a reality to justify the loneliness”, says Fabiano de Abreu. The writer, philosopher, researcher and SEO in a social media company Abreu Fabiano spoke about the era of narrowing between birth and death ...

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