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Book Hall in New York opens registration for writers

For those who dream of seeing their books running the world, 5th Salon Book New York is receiving applications for authors. Organized by ZL Books Publisher, the event takes place, days 19 and 20 of June, in the library ...

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International Book Salon in Rio receives registrations

Project has toured several cities like New York, Lisboa, Berlim e Montreal Escritores de diversas regiões do país estão sendo convidados para apresentarem suas obras no Salão Internacional do Livro no Rio de Janeiro. Organized by ZL Publisher, the event ...

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Portuguese Language writers anthology. Disclosure.

Publisher opens registration for Portuguese and French anthology

The ZL's Publisher with open registration for authors who want to participate in the Fourth Edition bilingual, Portuguese to French, the Anthology writers of the Portuguese Language. The registration for interested will be made by e-mail zlcomunicacao8@gmail.com until the day 31 August. Each author ...

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I book in Canada. Photo: Disclosure.

Book fair in Canada opens registration for writers

More than selling books, the writers seek to take your concept, your art and your way of seeing the world for the universe of readers. Thinking about it, the I book of Canada lies with open registration for authors ...

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Lecture with authors of the Portuguese language, Book III of Portugal. Photo: Disclosure.

Book fair in Portugal receives Brazilian authors

Over 30 Brazilian authors will be presented at the III book fair of Portugal, What happens in the days 24 and 25 June in Lisbon. Responsible for cultural exchange will be the writer Jo Ramos, the ZL Publisher. According To Ramos, ...

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