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GLU, GLU, GLU - Anna Maria Maiolino, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

BASE opens the press conference (A) PART OF THE WHOLE

(A)PART OF THE WHOLE The whole without the part is not the whole, The part without the whole is no part, But if the part makes the whole, being part, don't say, which is part, being all. Gregorio de Matos “The ...

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Obra de Lucas Länder. Photo: Disclosure.

Galeria Base inaugura “Lucas Länder: Immanence"

The exhibition features a clipping of the instigating work of the young artist from São Paulo Lucas Länder Memória: reality vs fiction? past X present. simplicity vs complexity. These are some dichotomous questions that permeate the work of artist Lucas Länder, in the exhibition “Lucas ...

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Exhibition: & quot; What is root and not vertex" at the BASE Gallery, invitation. Disclosure.

BASE gallery with achromatic works

The BASE Gallery, complying with all protocols determined by the authorities, closes its exhibition schedule for 2020 with the opening of the group exhibition “What is a root and not a vertex” with, approximately 40 works, between paintings and sculptures by Anna ...

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"Descriptive Landscapes" . Photo and art: Lucas Länder.

Exhibition: Contemporary Break at the Ema Klabin House-Museum

Virtual exhibition brings a look at the award-winning work “Descriptive Landscapes” Next day 31 October, Saturday, the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin promotes the virtual exhibition “Descriptive Landscapes”, artist Lucas Länder. The initiative is part of the Interval series ...

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