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Abreu Fabiano receives Portuguese politician in 'Philosophical Table' and talks about the excessive use of social networks

On the Philosophical Table 'program this week, available via streaming the page Novum Channel, the philosopher Abreu Fabiano invited the lawyer, Councilman and former Mayor of Castelo de Paiva in Portugal, Paulo Teixeira Ramalheira, for a conversation about the ...

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“Social media is a universe of stars seen from Earth where all are equal ", says Fabiano de Abreu

Abreu Fabiano talks about social media, philosophy and its relationship with the press. new book snippet that will be released this year is disclosed Which social network is here to stay and provided an interaction at levels never ...

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The era of narrowing between birth and death

“We waste time playing a reality to justify the loneliness”, says Fabiano de Abreu. The writer, philosopher, researcher and SEO in a social media company Abreu Fabiano spoke about the era of narrowing between birth and death ...

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