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Tango. Photo: Doreen Marques.
Tango. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Tango, country music and theater in miniature are cultural options for Sunday, in the Largo da Ordem

Several options are offered to the public cultural Sundays in the morning, in the Largo da Ordem, In addition to the craft fair. Next Sunday (16), This cultural itinerary will be among the attractions the Project Tango CWB, in the Ethnic Flag, in Curitiba Memorial. The dancer Leonardo T runs an activity to popularize the tango and invites the audience to participate and rehearse the first steps. The activity of the 11:00 happens 2:00 pm.

Júlio Moreira Gallery, from 10:00 to 1:00 pm, will Shows Lambe-Lambe. It is a miniature theatre, within a scenic box small, where are staged Theater short animation (until 5 minutes), for a maximum of two spectators at a time. Will be presented six different shows for children from 3 years.

In the University Theatre of Curitiba happens traditionally the soup of Viola, now in 9:00 schedule at 12:00, with presentation of singers and duos of country music. The Poet, It is a meeting point for poets and troubadours, also will be open. The authors present their works and make recitations and performances.

Among the options are still the exhibitions on display at the Museum of sacred art and in Curitiba Memorial. In the Museum of sacred art, the show "Religare" gathers watercolors with religious themes. At The Memorial, the public can check the retrospective 27 years of artistic production of Luiz Arthur Hills Ribeiro.

Na Varanda – Teatro em Miniatura. Foto: Divulgação.

On the porch – miniature Theatre. Photo: Disclosure.

Cultural activities promoted by the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Sunday (16), in the Largo da Ordem:

Project Tango CWB – Ethnic flag of the 11:00 at 2:00 pm – – Curitiba Memorial. Free

Shows Lambe-Lambe-of 10:00 at 1:00 pm – Galeria Julio Moreira. Free

Book launch and poetic performances – from 9:00 to 2:00 pm-the Poet. Free

Exhibition "27 years of Visual Arts", by Luiz Arthur Hills Ribeiro-9:00 of the 3:00 pm – Curitiba – Brazil Hall Memorial (3º andar). Free

Exhibition "Religare"– the 9:00 at 2:00 pm – Museum of sacred art

Chicken soup-from the 9:00 to 12:00 Viola-University Theater of Curitiba. Tickets: R$ 2,00 e R$ 1,00

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