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Johnny Cash by Thiago Rocha. Photo: Disclosure.
Johnny Cash by Thiago Rocha. Photo: Disclosure.

“Thiago Rocha is a symbol of freedom and artistic boldness:”, by Juliana Vannucchi

Juliana Vannucchi é graduada em Comunicação Social, licenciada em Filosofia e Editora-chefe do site Acervo Filosófico.

Juliana Vannucchi is graduated in Social Communication, has degree in Philosophy and editor-in-chief of the site Acervo Filosófico.

Thiago Rocha is a resident artist from the city of Santo André, located in the state of São Paulo. Since I met your imagery productions, I was simply delighted, because Rocha has a very unique ability to unite in a single design, a number of different stylistic influences, not only referring to painting schools / techniques, but also by other means – tal como o Rock And Roll, the cinema and other. As a result, his illustrations become very original and carry varied themes and distinct artistic lines.

In addition to this incredible mix of influences and themes that characterize some of his productions, part of his drawings are incredibly hyper-realistic and, in this type of illustration, the artist stands out for his highly refined features and the quality of the details that show his technical whimsy. Let's see below his representation of Chico Science, Iggy Pop and others made with graphite.

It is also worth mentioning that Thiago Rocha has a certain political and social engagement, taking such aspects to some of his drawings, who express their thoughts and feelings in relation to such matters. To follow, we will be able to see one of the critical illustrations made by the artist. It is an image that refers to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and in which he joined some of the names of black legends who worked for Palmeiras.

Thiago Rocha is a rare type of designer, because in addition to being extremely skilled, presents productions with varied themes and influences, thus not following just a single line and / or theme as the background of his drawings. He's bold. Works with freedom. Junta Pop Art com Rock And Roll, Ramones with football, cinema with HQ, etc. He began to sketch his first lines during his childhood and, currently, your active and thriving imagination creates figures in your mind, and his talented hands simply masterfully transpose them onto paper. When such an artist crosses our path, we just have to thank, since, we know that art has the potential to ease any torment, even in the darkest times.


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