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Obra de Hum Fone. Photo: Disclosure.

"Triad" in the Valley Museum

monumental works of Bruno Zorzal, Fredone Phone and Sandro Novaes reflect the strength of the new generation of artists capixabas.

Exhibition opens to the public next day 30 November

A large mosaic of abstract shapes in shades of black, white, gray and red, extending the 420 m² the outer side exhibition shed Valley Museum, making a counterpoint to the landscape of Victoria Bay and the harbor. Numerous images plotted in space 151,80 m ², where crowds and desert landscapes are contrasted while that complement. A large installation invades the exhibition shed Gallery, where the line leads to the viewer. These three works create the exhibition environment Triad: Line, Plano, Image, which will be on display in the Valley Museum 30 th November of 2019 to 23 February 2020.

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Curated by Neusa Barbosa Mendes and Ronaldo, artists Bruno Zorzal, Fredone Phone and Sandro Novaes were chosen for this exhibition, from the show "20/20 - 20 Years Valley Museum, 20 artists of the Holy Spirit ", that marked 20 years of the institution 2018. The works have been prepared especially for the space Valley Museum, combining internal and external spaces, architecture and landscape.

The choice of the three artists was due to the reflex in the works presented in this show, whose difference languages ​​in the design of the works complement the interrelationships which propose the exhibition space.

"Triad is 50 Th exhibition of contemporary art that we present in the Valley Museum. The exhibition displays the works of these three artists who capixabas trod different paths within the arts. In this new time and context, exposing again the institution, the three young artists present their works to expand, whose monochromatic palette and scale factor is common to all. They also share the act of the long and continuous work, the craftsmanship of the long process of action, thought and execution - Barbosa says Ronaldo.

The first major impact Triad happens in the outside area, with mural Fredone Phone, which will take up a lot of the side exhibition shed, bordering the view port area, like the landscape of the port, with their cranes and platforms. Artist murals in several countries, unique and in your own language - painting with geometric shapes -, Fredone will make his major work in the Valley Museum until now, which can be seen across the margin, in Vitória.

no giant site specific Sandro Novaes, the line takes form and invade the exhibition space. in the installation, The artist constructs an imaginary line through hundreds of lines, now drawing on inclined planes and walls, now through three-dimensional elastic or video installation strings that make up moving images and plotted lines. The non-existent line creates a subtle tension between the viewer and the work. Monochrome black tones, White and gray, the work brings the design of three-dimensional shape, increasing its scale in a large, monumental work.

Already the photographer Bruno Zorzal will exhibit their work in the four walls of the first gallery room, whose right foot reaches five meters high. The installation explores the imperfections of stone walls with a composition of images plotted and pasted into images of photographers style licks licks. Them stand out crowds and desert landscapes, promoting reflection on issues related to temporality, depth, real and unreal.

With this group exhibition, carried out with funds from the Federal Cultural Incentive Law through the Ministry of Tourism and the Federal Government, the Museum Vale reinforces its commitment to be a dissemination tool and promotion of contemporary art. Appreciating the art produced on land capixabas, the new generation of artists is so well represented by vigorous production Bruno, Hum and Sandro, whose common challenge was the occupation of large exhibition spaces shed harmonizing line, plan and image.

Triad: Line, Plano, Image - Bruno Zorzal, Fredone Phone and Sandro Novaes
From 30/11/2019 to 23/02/2020
Valley Museum
Old Pedro Nolasco station, s/n
Rings - Old Town, Espírito Santo
Information: (27) 3333-2484

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