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“Worth living, live worthwhile” by Fabiano de Abreu

Fabiano de Abreu é Jornalista, Assessor de Imprensa, Filósofo e Escritor. Foto: Gabriela Mello / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu is a journalist, Press Officer, Philosopher and writer. Photo: Gabriela Mello / MF Global Press.

We are a generation of many who have been here and the many who will be here. these, many will fall by the wayside.

No matter the weather, no matter the age, what matters is to do something so that your life does not exist by mere accounting.

The changes will only be felt from the actions, actions result in events and the consequences could make life, something that is not in vain.

Sow love, share the pain, cooperate, be part, add in society, It makes life more flavor.

For if there is another life we ​​are not sure, but the certainty we have the memory, those who made life, a beautiful story.

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Fabiano de Abreu
Philosopher, poet, journalist and image manager and career

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: Vagner Souza / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Vagner Souza / MF Global Press.


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