PIOLA - or “meeting point” according to the Piedmontese dialect and Veneto - it was founded in 1986 in the heart of Italy, Treviso, by two brothers who reinvented the more traditional Italian establishment, the Pizzeria, serving authentic and simple Italian food in a dynamic and contemporary setting. They created a new custom image, with a strong break with the traditional view. an unmistakable style, fruit of the elegant harmony of unconventional decoration, the vivacious chromaticism, music and the walls decorated by hand, which give rise to a revolutionary place, where the pleasure of meeting is always present.

Dante and Stefano Carniato, the founders of PIOLA, They have a strong artistic influence and, over the past three decades they have built many relationships with individuals in all industries, which allowed them to grow and expand in many countries PIOLA Culture. “We traveled across a continent knowing wastelands, unstable outskirts of deafening metropolis, large rivers surrounded by generous and rich forests landscapes, flaunted wealth surrounded by fierce poverty. So many stories we wanted to tell! Still others spoke on the land of an ancient soul and dreamed of a promised land. Designed large eyes loaded pain and filled with nostalgic melody. Colored drab existence, packed for a song of secret dreams. Stories like these which we live and many others would like to tell “.

One way to tell your own story is to share the culture PIOLA hosting premieres of films, releases of books and magazines, Exhibition of paintings and many other activities of social and artistic interest, proposing original forms of communication and captivating. We foster conversations between international and local, establishing an exchange of ideas capable of transcending national boundaries, presenting art of different approaches that represent the dynamic vitality, the flexible and changeable PIOLA.


All this makes PIOLA an ideal place for various events and performances. The atmosphere is informal PIOLA, international and aimed at a clientele of different types. If you were a person PIOLA, It would be the type with which you get along from the start. It has a strong personality, but open and very relaxed mind, a good sense of humor, attitude and ideas. It's smart and very nice. The PIOLA leaves you at ease.

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