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Here's how to make your kitchen look bigger

Pto keep the house organized, It is important to pay attention to all the rooms present there, each one deserving a specific highlight according to the arrangement of the furniture or even the space available in the residence for the kitchen and other corners.

It is necessary to adopt a design style that best favors the rooms of a property, either through a contrasting decor or a complementary style, creating a certain fluidity when leaving the kitchen to the living room, for example.

Something that can be worked from the choice of furniture, colors, formats, in addition to many other categories that can be essential to ensure the best style for a house or apartment, thus highlighting the preferences of those who will live in that place.

This organization must pass through all spaces of the house, including the entry, resorting to a doormat company to purchase a custom style, that matches the most relaxed style, or even formal of the residents in question.

And this is also valid for the property size relationship, because both a large house and a small apartment deserve an organization that makes good use of the available space, in order to prevent that feeling of a crowded or very empty place.

These characteristics can harm even the experience lived by a resident, staying away from the materials he needs for cooking in the case of a very large kitchen, or else having little space to move around there.

What prevents even the creation of a family dinner when it comes to a kitchen that barely fits one person alone. All to make it of great value to pay special attention to this room during the construction of the property..

Working alongside a company management of residential works to create the best architectural design, that considers your expectations in relation to the construction of a property, with a more specific look for your kitchen, including your size.

However, it is more common for someone to purchase a property already ready, both for purchase and for rent, having then to make do with the size reserved for your kitchen. Situation that makes it important to decorate this room in the best way.

In order to create even a greater sense of spaciousness, making your kitchen look bigger than it is, something that can be achieved from a style of organization that can be adopted. And when it comes to kitchen designs, the options are diverse.

What is the best style for your kitchen??

The answer to this question depends on two specific fields, in this case the personal preferences of an individual, as well as the space available in such a kitchen, being necessary to marry the two ideas to arrive at the best style to be adopted there.

And among the most popular options to find about decorating a kitchen, it is possible to quote:

  • Modern style;
  • retro style;
  • natural style;
  • industrial style;
  • Minimalist style.

And each one of the styles mentioned can be applied either exclusively to your kitchen or also be present in the rest of the house., being possible to opt for a complementary organization or to work with a certain contrast.

In the same way that a garden can stand out through the arrangement of synthetic fiber outdoor furniture or how the children's room usually has a decoration that is completely distant from the rest of the house.

What starts with the colors of the walls, ending with the placement of various posters, even more with the arrival of adolescence. But the point is that this same distinctive decor can also be worked on in other rooms., how is the kitchen.

And that doesn't just apply to large kitchens., on the contrary, when it comes to a place with little space, It is more than ever necessary to know how to take care of the correct decoration, without bringing something exaggerated, ending up making this place even smaller..

On the other hand, it's hard to work in an empty kitchen, being necessary to be close to the pans, from the stove, from the sink and, of course, of the food that will be prepared there. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the appropriate decoration style for the place..

Especially when this kitchen still needs to share space with other equipment that is equipped there, as a large wall air conditioner or a fat scrubber.

The important thing is to know that there are ways to increase the size of your kitchen., without needing any work, using only a different organizational style.

Tips to upgrade your kitchen

To ensure that the size of your kitchen becomes as suitable as possible for the person who will live and work there, it is important to follow some tips in particular, suggestions that can amplify the feeling of size of the place.

What can be achieved from the following strategies:

Use of light colors

The study of colors talks about the impact that each shade can have on an individual's mind., with the same being said about the application of these colors to your property. This is because a darker palette can create the impression of a more closed space..

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In view of this, it is recommended to choose lighter tones for both the furniture and the walls., which can be applied even to the colors present with the products marketed by a aluminum window distributor.

natural brightness

In addition to this choice of artificial colors, It is also important to pay attention to the light present in the kitchen. An even bigger highlight when it comes to the entry of natural light, thus creating a greater sense of amplitude together with the lighter tones.

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For this it is important to bet on windows at strategic points, that allow natural lighting, which can even avoid spending on electricity during the day, leaving this supply only for the use of household appliances.

mirror trick

This impression of a larger space is created precisely because of a series of visual tricks, using the choice of colors and lighting, as previously mentioned. Action that can also be improved from the use of mirrors.

With the reflection facilitating the circulation of light in the kitchen, adding to that feeling of a bigger kitchen.

minimalist design

getting out of tricks, it is possible to increase the space available in your kitchen through material choices, going through the design chosen for the kitchen, being recommended, in this sense, resort to minimalist style, who bets precisely on the minimum.

Thus, avoiding the presence of furniture that suffers from excesses, with the application of exterior details that damage even the available space on the walls, complicating even a split air conditioner installation to the place.

adapted furniture

When talking about a minimalist design, it is important to work it out specifically with the choice of your furniture, the option is also indicated for Planned Furniture, developed precisely to adjust to the space available in this kitchen.

detachment from items

When it comes to a small kitchen, It is important to choose well for everything that will be applied in this room, important to get in touch from the beginning with a construction and renovation company to know the actual size to be made available.

And with this structured space, it is important then to practice detachment, even more so when it comes to a change, throwing away or even positioning in other rooms of the house certain decorative items or furniture that can take up too much space.


Even in this small space, it is important to know how to make the most of the available surfaces, like the space present above the door, in which a small cabinet can be positioned that does not occupy a space that can bring a high volume to the kitchen.

In this sense, it is recommended to work with the application of shelves, that in addition to occupying a smaller space in relation to the cabinets, can also allow the adoption of a unique style to the kitchen.

American kitchen

When it comes to making better use of kitchen space, there is then a model developed precisely to obtain this type of gain, what are american kitchens, an open style that can be conquered by knocking down a wall.

Working then with the application of a counter, able to increase air circulation in this kitchen, in addition to resulting in a larger size, suitable even to receive your guests for a special lunch.

For in the same way that the purchase of roll vinyl rug can optimize the look of a home's entrance, following the above tips can also work better with your kitchen design, it is even possible to create the feeling of a larger space.

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