Jago: the new Michelangelo?

Italian sculptor turns marble into skin and emotion


Jacopo Cardillo, or Jago, is a young Italian sculptor with rising fame and who demonstrates an artistic work that is far from his fellow countryman of other times.: Michelangelo. Inspired by the Renaissance sculptor, Jago decided very early on that he wanted to be not like, but better than Michelangelo.

“Imagine if Michelangelo could have posted a timelapse on Facebook showing David's creation? JA pensou? I want to see it!”, says Jago, in an interview with the channel Fanpage.it, on YouTube. Admiration for the 15th-century sculptor and all the other great names in Renaissance sculpture propelled the game forward., filling you with the willpower and dedication needed to become a world-renowned self-taught artist.

Your work impresses, above all, for the richness of organic details. Portraying the relationship of human bodies with time and emotions, Jago's sculptures have veins, wrinkles, textures, bones, muscles and dozens of perfectly sculpted anatomical details, to the point of making one doubt if they were not already alive at some point.


One of his most famous sculptures, The Pope, was presented to the Vatican in its first version. The sculpture depicted Pope Benedict XVI in his typical attire.. She was rejected by the Vatican, and, after the Pope's resignation, in 2013, the italian sculptor undressed the statue, turning the fact into an artistic expression.

Jago even has his own Pietà, inspired by Michelangelo's and with expressions as strong and real as the thinking expression of David.

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In the Classical and Renaissance periods, artists sculpted statues that were almost always half-naked., demonstrating mastery in representing human bodies. Jago transposes this strategy into his work and elevates it, sculpting entirely nude bodies and non-standard bodies, showing signs left by time. Signs that are perfectly carved into the stone and attest to the artist's skills.

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being a self-taught, Jago uses proprietary techniques and leverages technology on multiple levels. Among your tools, it includes micro grinders, industrial chisel, that runs on compressed air, Wall Sander, electric saws and many other tools that make it possible to shape marble like clay. On the social networks, responsible for much of his fame, he shares timelapses of his creations.

Jago is an awesome artist, whether for your ability, by their style and expression or by the talent and determination in learning everything on their own. The title of new Michelangelo is consolidating and maybe it will become official. The artist still has a long successful career ahead of him..

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