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Verve Gallery inaugurates individual de Angella Conte

“I made here my place "displays collages, sculptures and a video installation addressing, under a behaviorally, the action of man on the environment.

A Verve Galeria displays "I made here my place”, visual artist Angella Conte, curated by Of these over the. His first solo gallery shows in 30 works - collage, sculpture and video installation -, in which addresses the strong man of action of presence with respect to the environment, not with activist thought, but behavioral. In your research, humans is the protagonist, and time evokes its surroundings, landscape and memory.

The focus of research Angella Conte rotates around the human behavior, their actions, the means and the everyday. “It is an observation exercise, a look at the objects around me; about the city, his spoils; about people who leave marks on objects, in the cities, in the countryside and nature”, comments on the artist. Guided by stories, exchanges and remnants, issues arise that embody his artistic production: “Generally elect an issue that bothers me or what attracts me and delivery to materialize the project, Independent support. The result can be the object, photography, installation, video, intervention or performance. For me no matter what support, what matters is how the message I want to convey will reach the spectator”, explains.

Angella Conte believes that creative process and discipline are synonymous, since, daily, the artist focuses on the work and determine mechanisms to sharpen your eye on the environment, on small details of everyday life, in order to transform it into art. In the words of the artist: “It's part of my build process reuse materials, and the objects with which they work are objects that meet or find me and relate to my daily life, with the symbolic of this everyday. As well as images from this daily that form a file to be used later”. In this sense, to work "Delicacy days"Uses a set of 13 works produced in the Netherlands, in 2015, to form a new bonding, in which overlapping images of landscapes, always cut at right, mix the seasons and vegetation that country.

recurring theme in its production, the artist explores the human condition that transits between the desire and the lack, and the dilemma that arises on the numerous opportunities. “Nothing is never stopped permanently or, There is an investigation, a way of approaching the world not as a series of precise truths, but in terms of issues and possibilities”, says the artist.

Exhibition: “I made here my place
Artist: Angella Conte
Curated By: Of these over the
Coordination: Allann Seabra and Ian Duarte Lucas
Opening: 2 April 2019, Tuesday, at 19h
Period: 3 April to 4 May 2019
Local: Verve Galeria www.vervegaleria.com
Address: street Lisbon, 285 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP
Phone: (11) 2737-1249
Timetables: Tuesday to Friday, from 11 at 19h / Saturday, from 11 às 17h
Number of works: 30
Techniques: Collage, sculpture and installation
Dimensions: variables
Prices: R$ 2.500,00 the R $ 40.000,00


Press Office
Balady communication - Silvia Balady / Zeca Florentino

Tel.: (11) 3814.3382 | 11 99117-7324 – contato@balady.com.br

Angella Conte

Natural Jaboticabal / SP, lives and works in São Paulo / SP. Degree in psychology, conducted several courses related to art, between 2002 and 2010. Participated in artist residencies CEVALOR- Technological Center Utilization and Exploitation of Ornamental Stones and Industrial Borba, Portugal (2005-2006), LSC- Leitrim Scupture Centre- Manorhamilton – Irlanda (2007), Jasmine House Andalusian-Lisbon, Portugal and the Arts Quarter-Montemor-o-Velho - Portugal (2012). It has works in several public collections in Portugal, Ireland and Brazil. He won awards as the 12th Paulista Salon of Contemporary Art – prize acquisition Secretariat SP Culture (2008), 62º Hall April – Incentive stock – Department of Culture Fortress - CE (2011), e XIV SAMAP – prize acquisition-Secretariat of Culture João Pessoa - Paraíba (2012), among others. He participated in numerous group exhibitions between 2005 and 2019, in Brazil, in Portugal, Cuba, Spain, Iceland, United States, Belgium, England, Russia and Germany. Since 2000, He presented his work in several solo exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

Verve Galeria

The Verve is a contemporary art gallery founded in São Paulo, in 2013. In their spaces, is headed by visual artist Allann Seabra and Ian Lucas Duarte Architect, and moves through different means and languages. Born of enthusiasm and inspiration that animate the spirit of artistic creation, Verve Gallery is home to different platforms of contemporary experimentation. The eloquence and subtlety that characterize its name are also present in the careful selection of artists and exhibition projects. Understanding that artistic languages ​​are continuous processes and complementary, It is new talent and established professionals who freely move between painting, photography, sculpture, video, site in situ, site-specific, engraving and street art. The gallery occupies a century-old house, and the diversity of its exhibition spaces emerge curatorial possibilities that go beyond the traditional format “white cube”. To open up to the street, establish open dialogue with the built heritage of São Paulo, fulfilling the integrative function between art, the public and the city. Seeks to go beyond the direct sale of art, promoting regular shows, lectures and workshops, and exchanges and partnerships with artists and galleries in Brazil and abroad.

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