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Whoever left is someone's love, 4º Act. Photo: Ichiro Guerra.
Whoever left is someone's love, 4º Act. Photo: Ichiro Guerra.

Vigilance of cultural workers keeps spreading love

Day 29 of June, from 16h, in the Praça dos Três Poderes, performance will celebrate the Force of Love

Since the 1st of June, every Monday evening, art, Brasilia's nature and architecture meet with the master's genius, Hugo Wheels, in the series performances Whoever left is someone's love. In times of neglect of authorities with life, the artists of the capital, voluntarily decided to spread love, reverence the thousands of Coronavirus victims and, even if silently, give many messages.

Next Monday, day 29 of June, this collective effort will conclude its cycle with the act Force of Love, which promises to bring together hundreds of workers from the DF culture, from 16h, in the Praça dos Três Poderes.

White Dresses, with masks, respecting the distance, carrying balloons and flags with red hearts, professionals from the entire productive chain of candanga culture come together in acts full of affection. The slow and steady walk, and the silent and meditative presence of cultural professionals in spaces of art and power, emphasize the importance of looking inward and being in tune with the whole.

The colors white and red, representing peace and love, merge with the broad horizon of the Capital and the sky blue of the heart of Brazil. Launched, heart shaped balloons radiate love, affection and compassion for everyone, in the various corners of the world, but especially those most affected by the pandemic.

The Silent Vigils reverberated in the world press and attracted a captive audience on social networks. Whoever left is someone's love has already honored more than 50 thousand victims of the new Coronavirus, revered health professionals, protested against racism, in favor of democracy and also reminded the original peoples, lost indigenous lives and disrespected and neglected forests.

The itinerancy of acts builds a narrative loaded with symbology. Started at the Plano Piloto Bus Station, stuck in the city center, represented the connection with the land and the collective. The second vigil was set against the water mirrors of the wide Praça do Museu Nacional, draining, Like water, love and affection everywhere.

In front of the Cathedral of Brasilia, the third brought a deep breath of faith into life and blew respect and empathy into the air. The next one turned to the beautiful facade of the National Theater, in reverence to the undisputed flame of creativity and the arts, essential for self-knowledge and for dealing with challenges.

The latter of 5 Vigil Acts, on 29 of June, intends to bring an Act of Love to the central core of decision-making. This ultimate silent vigil proposes to rewire the matter (palpable) with the ethereal energy that runs through thoughts and intentions. After this 5th Act, campaign will continue with virtual actions on your Instagram channels (instagram.com/quempartiueamordealguem/) e no YouTube (youtube.com/channel/UC1VRztwt33r56w-jl7NsHsw).

Factsheet – collective creation and production: Hugo Wheels, Deborah Aquino, Jorge Luiz, Diana Bloch, Sound Karim, Genice Barego, Kazuo Okubo, Daniel Madsen, Marcelo Calil, André Gonzales, Claudia Leal, Sergio Bacelar, Marcius Barbieri, André Xará, Bruno Caramori, Boca, Joy Ballard, Rodrigo Machado, Monica Ramalho, Sylvio Novelli, Juju Seixas, Jin Lopes, Bruno Gurgel, Allex Medrado, Lucas Souza, Camila Gama, Carlos Pontes, Cleber Xavier, Cléria Costa, Cynthia Silva, Gustavo Vieira, Ingrid Soares, Caleb Lizan, Lidi Leão, Maria Carneiro Madeira, Marinalda Barros, Nicolly Miriã, Paulo Roberto, Reinaldo Amaral, Larissa Morais, Guilherme Monteiro, Camila Rodrigues, Analyze, Lucas Sued, Beatrice Martins, The Cradle of Cradle, Álvaro TuKano, Daiara TuKano, Bruno Gurgel, Viviane Cardell, Fernando Bressan, Israel Marcos, Moacir Macedo, Nonato Ray, Maria Clara Farias, Paulo Andrade, Alaor Rosa, Ana Beatriz, Jirlene Pascoal, Aline Leon, Beatrice Martins, Lucas Lily, Lorena Matos, Cleide Soares, Clarice Cardell, Chico Nogueira, Amelinha Cris, Bárbara Rodrigues da Silva, Cássia Olivier, Maia Marques, Teixeira stalk, Celia Matsunaga, Wagner Barja, Jana Coe, Camila Gerra, Gustavo Vieira Rosanna Viegas and great cast.

Follow the acts in the hashtags: #QuemPartiuéAmordeAlguém # VigíliaSilenciosa #FiqueemCasa #LeiAldirBlanc # PL1075 # Somos70PorCento #Juntos # Coronavírus # Covid19 #ATAC #APTR #FrenteUnificadadaCulturadoDF # FórumdeTeatrodoDF #Performance

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