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Performer Uýra. Photo: Ricardo Oliveira.
Performer Uýra. Photo: Ricardo Oliveira.

VIII Journey of Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations of the Art Museum of Rio begins on the day 23 November

teachers, educators and researchers will exchange experiences and reflections on how art and culture can contribute to the construction of an anti-racist education and society, inclusive, plural and democratic

The Museu de Arte do Rio – MAR, under the management of the Institute Odeon, promotes its VIII Day of Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations between days 23 and 25 November. Made since 2013 hair MAR, the event in this edition will be completely online, broadcast live on the museum's YouTube channel. The seminar aims to exchange experiences and reflections on how art and culture can contribute to the construction of an anti-racist education and society, inclusive, plural and democratic.

The eighth edition of the seminar will bring together a strong team for the debate tables, conferences, workshops and performance. Among this year's participants, are names like the chief curator, Marcelo Campos, and the education coordinator, Hugo Oliveira, both from SEA. The founder of Afrofunk Rio also participates, Taisa Machado, the teachers Janaína Corenza, Naine Terena and Renato Noguera, pedagogue and writer Kiusam de Oliveira, among other names.

MAR's Journey of Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations is an action of the University Training and Extension Program, that is part of the Escola do Olhar program dedicated to the month of Black Consciousness. It is made up of laboratories, research presentation, projects and work in progress or already carried out in school and non-school educational spaces. The meeting has conferences, workshops, mini courses and debate tables with guests who dialogue with the fields of education, Culture, art, literature, human rights, Afro-Brazilian culture and African history.


>> Monday, 23 November

– 10h – Opening speech with the MAR education coordinator, Hugo Oliveira

– 10h10 -10h30Dissemination of the e-book production experience of the VII Conference on Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations (2019), with Natália Nichols

Launch of the VII Jornada ebook, held in 2019, gathering the contents and themes that constituted the meeting.

– 10H30 at 12:00 – Opening lecture: “The body as a home”, with Taisa Machado and Uýra Sodoma / Mediation: Marcelo Campos

The first table of the VIII Day of Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations will bring together artists Taisa Machado and Uýra Sodoma, under the mediation of the chief curator of MAR, Marcelo Campos, to rethink the body and reverse the traumas of coloniality, in understanding the house as what affects us in the spiritual relationship and in the territories we traverse. How decolonial and anti-racist education and practices reside in the body's abode? What affects can the favela and the forest teach us about the paths of an emancipatory education?

– 14h to 3:30 pm – “Corpo talks” workshop with MAR educators Fernando Porto and Mariana Gon

Today much is said about decolonizing spaces, the thoughts, without first thinking about decolonizing our own body, reflect on their powers, pleasures and pains. We are colonized through bodies, summed up by modern anxieties, new diseases and enslavements. So, as a body that carries so many stories, meetings and places, expresses and communicates in a creative and engaged way? Is today, no pandemic context, when we need to stay at home socially apart, what is our relationship with the home and how can we make this space a welcoming place, creative and playful?

Through theatrical exercises, we will investigate the poetic powers of the body and the home, what body and home have to teach us and how we can articulate them in a playful game, creative and scenic, using their spaces and objects to create reinterpretations of works from the MAR Collection.

Inscriptions: www.sympla.com.br/oficina-corpo-fala__1048115

– 16h às 17h – Performance “To serve or to die”, with Raphael Cruz

Synopsis: In this performance, Cruz takes on the role of wage earner wearing his suit. After being prevented from going to toil by an unforeseen event, is automatically forced to exchange his service for a tea maid to make room for demanding visitors.

>> Tuesday, 24 November

10h to 12:00 – 5 communicators (15 minutes of presentation each)


– Cultivate – Niara do Sol e Geancarlos Barbosa

– From African empires to Rio de Janeiro: playful reflections – Maria Rita Valentim and Gabriela Cyrne

– Valongo, Pier of Ideas: an heritage education experience in an anti-racist perspective – Jéssica Hipólito and Luís Araújo

– Hands that speak and embroider – teaching Afro-Brazilian culture to the deaf through embroidery – Elaine Jansen Pereira

– Cartographies and narratives of the black presence in the city – Gabriela Leandro Pereira. Co-Authors: Thalia Santos Silva; Sofia de Carvalho Costa e Lima

13h to 2:30 pm – 4 communicators (15 minutes of presentation each)


– Whoever tells a story increases a corner: destabilizing racist standards of beauty – Érika Coachman, Gilberto Da Hora, Izabelle Fernandes, Maria Alice Sena, Silvia Velasco, Maksin Oliveira (CAP-UFRJ)

– Neab – Sankofa no mar: protagonism of black youth – Janete Santos Ribeiro, Larissa Lopes Cândido

– Afropop - Culture and Resistance - The experience of an elective discipline in implementing the Law 10.639/03 in the school curriculum – Karla Monteiro Paranhos

– Working Africa in early childhood education: challenges and perspectives – Luiza Mandela Silva Soares

14h30 to 16h – 4 communicators (15 minutes of presentation each)


– Blackening the imaginary: a proposal for literary intervention in building a black student's self-esteem – Heloisa de Souza.

– An education for ethnic-racial relations: experiences in art teaching – Wendel Salvador Santos, Pablo Enrique Abraham Zunino

– Passinho brabo: overcoming pandemic challenges through memory in the string of Manguinhos – Marco Aurélio da Conceição Correa

– Center for Studies and Extension in African Spelling and Heritage - NEGHA UFRJ – Brenda Mel Cosmo De Castro, Dandara Augusto Dos Santos and Gabrielle Braz Santos Brandão

16h10 to 18h – “Education, media and practices to combat racism ”, with Renato Noguera – UFRRJ, Janaína de Azevedo Corenza – IFRJ and Naine Terena PUC / SP Mediation: Hugo Oliveira

The second table of the VIII Day of Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations receives professors Renato Noguera (UFRRJ), Janaína de Azevedo Corenza (IFRJ) e Naine Terena (PUC-SP) to debate about education, media and practices to combat racism. The panel, under the mediation of the MAR education coordinator, Hugo Oliveira, will address the experiences lived in schooled and non-schooled spaces with teachers who deal with racial issues from their research in the field of education, philosophy and transversal areas, as well as the use of technological devices within the fields of education to discuss the specifics of the challenges for the implementation of laws 10.639 and 11.645 in overcoming racism.

>> Wednesday, 25 November

– 10h to 1:00 pm – Office “bell hooks, a theorist of the future: the perspectives of your thinking ”, with Luana Luna (IFRJ), Vinícius da Silva (IFRJ) and Matheus Ivan (UFAL)

In this workshop, teachers will address, in a panoramic and expository way, the main issues and epistemological methodologies of bell hooks thinking - important critical theorist, black feminist and contemporary american thinker. Going through topics like critical pedagogy, feminist theory, subjectivity theory and love ethics, proponents seek to establish the bridges and boundaries of hooks' thinking and why the author should be read and understood in their own terms.

Inscriptions: www.sympla.com.br/bell-hooks-uma-teorica-do-porvir-oficina-sobre-as-perspectivas-de-seu-pensamento__1047854

– 14h to 4:0 pm – Workshop “The black body”, with Valéria Monã

Transmission and creation workshop based on the Yabás representation. Practical, greater objective is to share body experimentation processes, encouraging dance creation based on the encounter between their corporealities, their identities, ancestry and the dance vocabulary of the Afro-Brazilian tradition.

Inscriptions: www.sympla.com.br/oficina-o-corpo-negro–com-valeria-mona__1048037

– 16h to 6:00 pm – Office "Afrofuturismo", with Morena Mariah

Afrofuturism reflects essentially on the existence of a future where black people live. However, there are questions surrounding this existence: which utopias lead us to the future? Which fictions guide humanity? Through a look at the social history of the media, the workshop proposes reflections on the role of fictions in the construction of the future in dialogue with education as a key tool for transformation.

Inscriptions: www.sympla.com.br/oficina-afrofuturismocom-morena-mariah__1051776

– 18h10 to 19h10 – Final conference “Eco-ancestral pedagogy and us: in the fluidity of sea water everything that is, everything that was and everything that will be”, with Kiusam de Oliveira

The Art Museum of the river-SEA

An initiative of the City of Rio de Janeiro with the Roberto Marinho Foundation, the Rio Art Museum is managed by the Odeon Institute, a social organization of Culture and has Grupo Globo as maintainer, Equinor as the master sponsor and IRB Brasil RE and Bradesco Seguros as sponsors through the Federal Culture Incentive Law.

Escola do Olhar is sponsored by Itaú and supported by Icatu Seguros and Machado Meyer Advogados via the Federal Culture Incentive Law. Through the Municipal Culture Incentive Law - ISS Law, is also sponsored by HIG Capital, RIOgaleão and JSL. Vale sponsors the “Casa Carioca” exhibition through the Federal Culture Incentive Law.

MAR also has the support of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Ministry of Citizenship and the Federal Government of Brazil, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture.

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