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The presence of art at Casa Design Niterói

Contemporâneos Galeria de Arte lands in the 18th Edition of the Casa Design Niterói Exhibition, promising to be one of your highlights.

The gallery brings to this edition, 23 contemporary works for the beautiful “Hall Gallery” by the architect Mayra Torres, and the “Journalist's Living” from interior designer Magda Curi. to contemporaries, that was created in 2020 to bring art closer to everyday life, seals its second project partnership “Contemporary Ambience”, with the enthusiasm of the debut, at an event the size of Casa Design Niterói-RJ.

Curator Lu Valença bet on monochromatic works that promote reflections, through nature and the action of man present in everyday life. And still picking up the legacy of pandemic times, where solitude came to prominence, and the urgency to look within, made us be more careful with our homes.

“Many of the works that integrate the environments, were created during the pandemic. There is immeasurable value for posterity, of artistic making, that brings hope in better days and faith in life. Art has been a relief for the last couple of years.” - highlights the curator.

The architect Mayra Torres signs the Hall Galeria, with artwork and contemporary furniture. The Hall's proposal is to make a transition between the external and internal environments. From there, we have a rustic floor and metalwork elements that refer to the outside, the street and the city, contrasting with the elegance of the lounge and the works of art arranged on a slatted panel. The setting was up to the artists: Angela Moraes, Denise Greco, Laura Vivacqua, Luciana Alves, Paula Queiroz, Ricardo Bhering, Sergio Graça and Sheila Tostes.

not environment “Journalist's Living”, from interior designer Magda Curi, journalist Denize Garcia, is the great honoree. The project consists of the elaboration of a living room for a decorated apartment in the Felicitá project., in the city of Niterói. The living room has a TV room., Dining room, living room, beyond the entrance hall spaces, Hall, toilet and balcony. The balcony is a rest space linked to a home office, which is becoming more and more frequent and necessary within homes.

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“This need has come to the fore after the Covid-19 pandemic. -19, where several workers retreated to their homes and made them, not only a space for rest and family coexistence, but also a workspace. It also has photographs and works of art by renowned artists in the market., like Sergio Graça from Contemporâneos.” – counts Magda Curi.

The project as a whole follows a palette of earthy tones., using different textures, like wood, to create a cozy and contemporary space, a mark of the Magda Curi office projects. The design of the project will also feature exclusive pieces designed and signed by design Magda Curi and her team..

The main objective of the project is to show how it is possible to create different environments in a harmonious way with lots of art., maintaining the fluidity and functionality of the environments.

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Contemporâneos created a special page on its website with a beautiful preview and catalog, check out:



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