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“Alma Tarsila” have conversation circles with artists

Collective gathers public in the project “Thursdays in the Room”, in Niterói (RJ)

There are news in exhibition “Alma Tarsila” that ENTREARTES – Coletivo de Arte presents, at Culture room Leila Diniz, in Niterói (RJ). In addition to seeing the works of Bia Torres, Fatima Dantas, Lucia Lyra, Maria Lucia Mackin, Mario Reis and Renata Barretto, in the next few days, visitors will be able to meet the artists. will be in the project “Thursdays in the Room”, on Thursdays, 14h to 16h, always with free entry. The exhibition pays homage to the painter Tarsila do Amaral and the 100th anniversary of the Modern Art Week, can be visited until 9 of June.

The first meeting will be next Thursday. (12), with a workshop by Lucia Lyra. With years of teaching experience, both in high school and in higher education as an art teacher, she finds in different ways the way she wants to express her ideas, from painting to drawing, passing through the creation of sculptural objects. One of the languages ​​Lucia uses frequently is monotype., printing technique that reproduces a single image each time it is performed and will be discussed with the public.

On 19, the conversation circle will have Renata Barreto talking about her experience, with the theme “Trajectory of the artist, from architecture to maxi-embroideries”. Successful as an architect and interior designer, Renata has been dedicating herself to art work. Both skills are now a function of the artistic path, with the maxi-embroidery technique. Both in small and large dimensions, the cross stitch on metal screens weaves geometric shapes, abstract or figurative, as in the works exhibited in “Alma Tarsila”.

Mario Reis will be in “Thursdays in the Room” Day 26, talking to the audience about their experiences. “Art taught me a lot.. From childhood and adolescence, in the State of Minas Gerais, I had the expectation of one day working with art”, account. Upon coming to live in Niterói at 18 years, Mario pursued a career in accounting, without abandoning the talent for painting, having developed over the years a poetics linked mainly to the landscape. Had teachers like Roberto Paragó, Jair Picado, Jaime Cavalcanti and Bonifacio, among others, in the tradition of outdoor painting, vocation that Niterói inherited from the arrival of the Grimm Group in the city. At the School of Visual Arts in Parque Lage, he brought the experience closer to a vision linked to the contemporaneity of painting, including elements such as abstraction and collage, not afraid to try new solutions.

On 28, a saturday, the exhibition will be open especially for a guided tour in pounds, from 10:00 to 12:00. The public will be welcomed by the artist Bia Torres, who is hearing impaired and has been part of the collective since the beginning. Day 9 of June, closing the exhibition, the editing of “Thursdays in the Room” will have the launch of an e-book signed by the painter Fátima Dantas, who is a neuropsychologist, with the title “managing anxiety”. The time will be from 16:30 to 20:30, marking the “Alexandre Palma directed short films about Patapio Silva and Casquinha da Portela. At the opening of the exhibition, the artist will present the performance” from the collective.

“Alma Tarsila” is the 13th exhibition of ENTREARTES, collective conceived and produced by the cultural producer Cacau Dias and which is in its fourth year of operation, seeking to value local artists. Curated by Ana Schieck, the exhibition can be visited from monday to friday, from 8:0 to 5:0 pm, with an agenda that can be followed on the social networks of the group. Entries for the series “Quintas na Sala” can be made via WhatsApp from the Cacau Dias Team: 21 99956-5000. Capacity is limited. Sala Leila Diniz is located on Rua Heitor Carrilho, 81, at the Center, next to the Official Press, near the bus station of Niterói.

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