What Are Visual Arts? A Comprehensive Introduction

What Are Visual Arts? A Comprehensive Introduction. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

The visual arts occupy a central place in the cultural fabric of humanity, serving as a mirror of our experiences, emotions and values. Since time immemorial, artistic expression has been a universal language that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, allowing us to communicate ideas and explore deep questions that shape our existence. As we delve into the vastness of … Read more

Contemporary Sculpture: Limits and Expectations in Art

Contemporary Sculpture: Challenging Limits and Expectations in Art. The Alexander Calder sculpture L'Homme French for Man. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

Contemporary sculpture, as a form of artistic expression in constant metamorphosis, emerges as a mirror of modern society, reflecting its complexities and concerns. Shaped by a variety of cultural influences, political and technological, contemporary sculpture transcends the traditional boundaries of art, challenging expectations and redefining the limits of the possible. In this effervescent scenario, artists … Read more

Where to Buy Oil Paint for Painting on Canvas: Complete Guide for Beginners and Advanced Artists

Where to Buy Oil Paint for Painting on Canvas: Complete Guide for Beginners and Advanced Artists. Freepik image.

In this comprehensive guide, we aim to explore the best options available when thinking about where to buy oil paint for painting on canvas, offering valuable guidance for both beginners and more experienced artists. When it comes to painting on canvas, Choosing the right oil paint plays a fundamental role in the final result of the painting. … Read more

Discover 3 Essential Painting Techniques for Beginners

Discover 3 Essential Painting Techniques for Beginners. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

If you are an art enthusiast or a budding artist, Understanding different painting techniques is essential to hone your skills and express your creativity effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we will deeply explore the different approaches to painting, from the traditional oil painting technique to the delicate art of watercolor. … Read more

Artery opens notice for exhibition “Art of Love – Love for São Paulo”, which takes place in August in the capital of São Paulo

Artery opens notice for exhibition “Art of Love - Love for São Paulo”, which takes place in August in the capital of São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure.

Call invites artists to send a portfolio that will be analyzed by a committee formed by the company, sponsors and by the NGO Gerando Falcões The edition 2024 of one of the largest urban open-air exhibitions in Brazil, a “Art of Love”, with the theme “Love for SP”, The notice will be open from this Thursday, day 22 … Read more

Discover the beauty and fragility of the Amazon in an amazing exhibition of glass art

Amazon exhibition by designer Désirée Sessegolo, Flyer - featured. Disclosure.

The show's main work will be an installation with hundreds of pieces, accompanied by others 10 sculptures By Emanuelle Spack Have you ever imagined yourself diving into a world of endless imagination and creativity made with glass? This is the universe that designer Désirée Sessegolo will exhibit at the Municipal Museum of Curitiba – … Read more

Synergy in steel and glass reveals extraordinary works of art with the combination of different design techniques

Synergy Exhibition. Photo: Wellington Barz.

Sinergia exhibition presents pieces by three artists who develop works separately, but that when fused, mixed or put together, apresentam obras instigantes pelo conjunto dos materiais que as compõem Por Emanuelle Spack Segue em cartaz até o fim de julho a Exposição Sinergia com os designers Cristina Yamada, Claudio Araujo and Désirée Sessegolo, no Espaço de Arte Francis Bacon. About of … Read more

“Alma Tarsila” have conversation circles with artists

Work by Lucia Lyra at the Alma Tarsila do Entreartes exhibition, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Collective gathers public in the project “Thursdays in the Room”, in Niterói (RJ) There's news in the exhibition “Alma Tarsila” that ENTREARTES – Coletivo de Arte presents, the Leila Diniz Culture Room, in Niterói (RJ). In addition to seeing the works of Bia Torres, Fatima Dantas, Lucia Lyra, Maria Lucia Mackin, Mario Reis and Renata Barretto, us … Read more

“Arts in times of exception” is the theme of the Arte-Papo of the Ema Klabin House Museum

Ema Klabin House Museum is inspired by Sanssouci Palace (Potsdam, Germany) and designed by Alfredo Ernesto Becker in the mid 1950. Photo: Disclosure.

Online meeting brings together contemporary artists in a relaxed chat Next day 23 September, from 5 pm to 6 pm, a Casa Museu Ema Klabin promove mais uma edição da série Arte-Papo “Artes em tempos de exceção” que será transmitida ao vivo pelo seu canal no YouTube. Artists and researchers Katia Salvany and Renan participate in this edition … Read more