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Gabriela Machado, Art Wall. Photo: Disclosure.
Gabriela Machado, Art Wall. Photo: Disclosure.

Art Wall of Shopping Leblon will receive the artist Gabriela Machado in celebration of the International Women's Day

The guest will be the first woman to be part of the project's art gallery

Rio de Janeiro, February 2021- To celebrate International Women's Day, Shopping Leblon will receive the artist Gabriela Machado. The painter and sculptor will be the first female artist to join the Art Wall gallery, from day 02 from march to day 30 the same month, presenting the public with a new look at nature within the painting.

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Praising contemporary art, the project presents the contrasting work of the artist, composed of striking strokes and an expressive palette. Gabriela Machado made Rio de Janeiro her home and nature the basis of her inspiration. The artist expresses in her work a unique look at the natural beauty of the city, that evokes sensations and dialogues with the surrounding environment. The artistic experience is curated by Christiane Laclau, yes Artmotive, in partnership with Shopping Leblon.

Accustomed to producing his canvases horizontally and resting on the floor, Gabriela accepted the challenge of muralism on Art Wall. The space, that allows for new creative experiences and on a different scale, will feature the artist's intervention and the presentation of a vibrant setting, under its unique perspective.

Graduated in architecture, the plastic artist discovered her vocation during the years of immersion in the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, in the river. Gabriela grew up among paints and brushes, accompanying the restorers who worked on the centenary frescoes of his family's farm in Bananal / SP. The artist participated in numerous exhibitions, collective and individual, in the main museums and cultural center, in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Lisbon.

“Promoting unique experiences and new forms of art, Shopping Leblon reinforces its artistic and cultural pillar through the Art Wall. Space seeks to bring artists together, art and viewer. During the month of March we will receive the artist Gabriela Machado. With strong features, impactful and also subtle, such as female strength, his work promises to enchant and inspire our customers ”, comments Adriana Freitas, Marketing Manager at Shopping Leblon.

“It was a great joy, in the month of the woman, sign the Art Wall curatorship at Shopping Leblon once again, who has treated contemporary art within its space very seriously. This time, we brought Gabriela Machado. The artist transported her life to the canvas because she believes that her work corresponds to her routine, and it's the new routine, Beach, surfing and swimming, inspiring, today, your work: the sea came into your life and brought nature into the painting”, says Christiane Laclau of Artmotiv.

A Art Wall

The space, christened ArtWall, is in the main entrance corridor of Shopping Leblon. The artistic mural is the first vision of our customers coming through Av. Afrânio de Melo, and is specially positioned to welcome the mall's regulars.

Developed by the enterprise especially to receive artistic interventions, oArtWall renews itself as a living work for each new guest. The space is part of a movement to democratize culture, and offers unique and unusual works, for all tastes.

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